FLASH| Niger Delta Avengers Threaten to Bomb Lagos, Abuja

by on May 6, 2016

A Niger Delta Militant Group, the “Nigeria Delta Avengers” has issued a statement threatening to “take it to” Lagos and Abuja after bombing Chevron platforms in Warri, Delta state.

In a statement signed by one Col. Madoch Agninibo, the group threatened to carry out other attacks on oil installations outside the Niger Delta in Abuja and Lagos.

“At about 10:40pm on Wednesday the Niger Delta Avengers blew up the Chevron valve platform. This platform is the most significant platform for chevron because it’s the main connecting point where all other platforms link up and it’s a fulcrum to chevron BOP and the Chevron Tank farm. With the valve platform blown all chevron activities are now halted.

“This is what we promised the Nigeria Government that since they refuse to listen to us we are going to zero the economy of the country.

“As for zeroing the Nigeria economy we the Niger delta avengers is done with delta state major oil installations. Now we are taking the fight out of the creeks of the Niger Delta. We are taking it to Abuja and Lagos now.

“We want to pass this message to the all international oil companies operating in the Niger Delta that the Nigeria Military cant protect your facilities. They should talk to the federal government to meet our demands else more mishaps will befall their installations.

The group want President Buhari to hold a Sovereign National Conference for Nigerians to choose whether they still want to stay together.






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    May 6, 2016 at 8:13 pm

    just imagine a country were if you are not from a particular tribe , klick, religion, region or language, cult or party you can never ever get a good job from this so called abeno ayibo and emirates and Oba controlled companies. This is madness.

    You know how it all started? From the primary schools up to the tertiary school, they made sure that you will not pass your exams and never think logically. You write JAMB ten times and even if you get 200 you will not get the admission. But if awusa and yoruba got 11 over 400 he would be admitted.
    All our people get is cleaners, drivers, pipe line security, gate men. But MDs for Mohamed and kunle. This is madness. Monkey dey work bamboon dey chop.
    They call us militants, lazy, non travellers, uneducated, idol worshipers etc, whereas they planed with the britain. To make the east and south/south under there hypnotic lieing tongues from hades and hell. And you think we would fold our hands and watch! fa!fa!fa!fa! Faul!!!
    The mind control game is over. The enchantment is over, the hypnotism is over and the divide and rule is over, the days of deceptions and seductions are over. If you do anyhow you go see anyhow. He who has ear let him hear.


  • sunny
    May 6, 2016 at 9:38 pm

    do u know tat 87% of oil whell in ss&se is own by hawsa fulanis.


      May 8, 2016 at 11:08 pm

      separation is the answer period no amount of talk will ever make buhari change his mind–But no bombing of lagos ati abuja pls–that will be playing into the hands of the Fulanis –yorubas and the ibos–using these groups


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