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FLASH| PDP Group calls for reform

by on April 25, 2016

The PDP National Reform Group is an idea of concerned PDP members from the North and South of Nigeria who have come together to insist that the party must embrace reforms,in respect of its constitution, zoning principles and adopted recommendations of the party.

‎As we set out for a Post-Defeat Convention to restructure and reposition the party back to winning ways, we wish to bring to the knowledge and information of stakeholders, the dangers of mismanaging the opportunity availed us by the dismal and retrogressive performance of the current APC-led government. This is a chance that has come earlier than expected, but whether we are going to do the needful by siezing the moment  is another thing.

‎We are appalled that some of our leaders are still driven by excessive ambition for power, personal gain and greed, and not necessarily to serve the greater good of party members nationwide. It is a serious concern to party members across the country that some of our leaders are yet to learn from the mistakes of the past.

Therefore rising from our inaugural meeting, we resolve as follows:

‎-The full implementation of Ekweremadu Post Election Party Review Committee’s recommendations as adopted by the NEC of the PDP; the adoption of proposals by the Constitutional Review Committee, as well as enforcing the communique issued at the last PDP National Conference held at Thisdays Dome Abuja .

‎-It is pertinent to note that if the existing zoning arrangements are altered for whatever political exigency, we warn that it would be difficult for the zoning of the Presidency to the North as recommended by the Ekweremadu-committee  to be respected when the time comes. We fear that the Northeast will be the greatest loser for 2019 – This comes as a Very Strong Position of the Reform Group.‎

‎We also recommend a complete overhaul of the PDP National Working Committee to inject New Ideas, New Vision and New Hands that will pilot our party to greatness. The general perception of the outgoing NWC is less than palatable and the only honourable path is for everyone of them to quit and allow fresh blood to come in on May 21, 2016.

‎We also Strongly recomend and Implore young party men and women to go back to their various wards and local governments and states to participate actively in the forthcoming congresses because all politics is local. We urge you to get elected into various offices and as delegates to the National Convention. The future of the party is in your hands.

‎We thank the PDP Governors forum led by Governor Olusegun Mimiko and the National Assembly caucus for ensuring that the zoning committee stayed action on its announcement of the Zonings to allow for further deliberation and more consultation in the interest of peace and future of the party.‎

‎Nigerians are now eager to quickly have an alternative to the APC. Sadly, the APC is an experiment that has gone awry and may never recover from this doldrum. However, the opportunity to quickly bounce back must not be taken for granted. As a party, we must put our house in order and presenting the best to have the best from Nigerians.







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  • gboyegaa
    April 25, 2016 at 5:22 pm

    Who are the dreamers that wrote this crap? It took your party 16 years to destroy the country and you are expecting APC to fix it in a year, that is the greatest joke of this century. The APC has strategy, unlike your party that was just out suck life out of the nation. We Nigerians are ready to give it the time it will take to get right. We are not interested in being rushed to nothing.
    If your party would not publicly accept the fact that your members kill this country, send the rogues in the party out and tell those that are representing you now to change gear and show Nigerians that the party is serious to follow the same change philosophy like APC but have a better idea or strategy of how to deliver it, then you can forget your party for now. PDP is for now a dead party. It is a party of the past and will remain in the past. APC strategies and actions, when they start yielding results, will keep the memory of the mess PDP made of Nigeria fresh in the minds of every Nigerian and your party will remain dead until it changes.


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