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FLASH| We Do Not Support Niger Delta Avengers – Ijaw Youth Council

by on May 9, 2016

IYC spokesperson, Mr. Eric Omar has said  “The Ijaw Youth Council does not see the justification in the Niger Delta Avengers embarking on destruction of oil facilities because Tompolo denounced the group. I think Tompolo did the proper thing by coming out to inform the entire world that he was not part of the Niger Delta Avengers when there were insinuations to the effect that he was behind them.”

“As with other cases of attack on oil facilities, the Niger Delta environment and people are the ultimate victim and would suffer from these latest attacks. The IYC believe that irrespective of the grievances, there are better ways of expressing them rather than contributing to the further destruction of the already massively degraded Niger Delta environment. On the fresh directive by President Muhammadu Buhari to security agencies to crush the militants, he asserted” While the IYC do not support the attacks on oil facilities, we hasten to add that it should not be used as a justification to attack innocent Niger Delta communities”.

He added: “The security agencies should go after the real culprits and not innocent communities and people in the Niger Delta region. From our experience, the security personnel in a bid to impress their superiors and justify the huge amount of money budgeted for the purpose always attack innocent communities and people.”

“This must not be allowed to happen this time around. We would also advise the federal government to be prompt in directing security agencies to deal with insurgent groups all over the country, including the Fulani herdsmen, who have been killing innocent Nigerians just like they have just directed in respect of the Niger Delta Avengers,” Omare added.

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  • May 10, 2016 at 1:59 am

    You are distroying government property which belong to all nigerian that may have bad effect to us, pls be wise don’t be fool like fulani and boko haram. If you want to have freedom as Biafra nation there is a better way to succeed as a nation, why don’t you follow the example of Jesus christ and call upon God to intervein for you by consistent fasting and prayer if truely you are a tribe of Israel or Jesse. Even I also like nigeria to be divided so that everyone can go their way to call upon their God but not by war or chrisis because God did not support chrisis and killing, prayer can move mountain only if you believe, note that our weapon is not canal which mean you can not fight for yourselves. I pray God will fight for us in Jesus name.


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