How to Make Fleeky Eyebrows without Plucking hair

After making eyebrows fleeky you are ready to amaze the boys.

By : Sitara

Girls love fleeky eyebrows and want their eyebrows to be on Fleek. I am sharing my personal tips and tricks that I use at home every day. I have devided the topic into two sections so that you could be able to understand it perfectly.

To make eyebrows fleeky, I ll share some products but they are optional and available in market with many names. First look at your eyebrows and decide if you want to keep them natural or to be on fleek. Following others blindly is not a solution. Here are some strategies.

Shape Eyebrows

First, pluck the extra hair with tweezer or small scissor and remove baby hair to shape your eyebrows what it looks attractive. Also cut extra long hair which create hurdle while working on eyebrows.

Identify Eyebrow Pomade

After shaping eyebrow, second step is to identify your eyebrow pomade. It is to be noted that Asians do not need black eyebrow pomade as their eyebrow hair color is already dark brown or black.

Eyebrow Brush

Third step is choosing the best type of brush for eyebrows. I personally use and like angled brush. It contains with Spoolie which is more helpful. Small angled brush is used to fill in the brows. Spoolie is used for brushing the brows.

Concealing by Colourpop

After brushing we need to prime the lids with the help of a concealer. For making eyebrows fleeky and cleaner, it is used for cleaning the eyebrows. Use colourpop concealer.


When the edges are concealed, we need to highlight the inner corners, cheek bone and brow bone. See your skin tone, then choose the shade accordingly.


Every girl wants her lashes to be dense and long. Mascara is used to meet this requirement. So you can choose any type of mascara which you likes the most. But be sure that you have coated the lashes upper and lower.

Eye Pencil

To make the eyes wide and open, use a Nude eye pencil and make waterline. That’s all. You are now ready to amaze the boys.

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