Former Prostitute turned Information Minister begs People to forget her Past


A former prostitute who is now the  Minister of Information for Zambia has begged her  people to forget about her past and focus on the future.

The Zambian Minister of Information Kampamba Mulenga has called on Zambians to forget her past records as a commercial sex worker and judge her on her present and future life as she is now a changed person.

According reports, before her appointment as a Minister in the country, Mulenga was rumoured to be a popular prostitute or runs girl.

But speaking in Livingstone last week, the former sex worker said she was deeply saddened by some Zambians who still refer to her past (of being a sex worker) when describing her.

She reiterated the fact that she is now a changed person as she has left her past behind.

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“I am a change person who deserve to be welcomed and accepted in the society”, she told some PF senior members in Livingstone.

Before she joined politics, it is alleged that Ms Kampamba Mulenga was infamous for being a prominent sex worker on the Copperbelt.

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