#FreeMubarakBala: Humanist International Group Ready to Fund Legal Team For Humanist Accused Of Blasphemy

by on May 1, 2020

An international Humanist organisation called Humanist International has said that they are ready to fund a legal team for the the human right activist Mubarak Bala who was earlier arrested by Kaduna State police for blasphemy which carried death as the penalty.

Humanist Mubarak Bala was accuse by some people of speaking blasphemy against the prophet mohammed on his face book page, a group of lawyers decided to write a petition to the Commissioner of Police in Kaduna State to prosecute him. Certain social media users have issued death threats to him who are mostly the muslim believers and are furious about his comments.

The information about funding a legal team was reported and announced the Humanist UK known for their advance on free thinking and promotion of humanism in the society . @Humanists_uk tweeted:

“With generous support of individual humanists, @HumanistsInt is working to fund a legal team for @MubarakBala – arrested in Nigeria and accused by some of blasphemy, which carries the death penalty. Our international community is determined to save him.”

These organisations have shown their readiness to support and save Mubarak bala as they believe he is a free thinker and should be allowed to voice his opinion. The targeted amount to save the Humanist is £10,000 and as at 11:09 pm they have raised the sum of £6,480 and more people seem to be donating more to the cause. In the last 48 hours, they have secured a lawyer as well as provided a detailed seven page briefing of the situation , held urgent talks with the United Nation, European Union and other Humanist organisations.

The Humanist International organisation has said that they have liased with Mubarak’s legal team and are discussing the best ways they can support him and contact the necessary authorities.

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