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Fulani Herdsmen: Governor Umahi Should Provide Water For Ebonyians First

by on February 10, 2018
By Wisdom Nwedene

It is no longer news that governor Umahi of Ebonyi state has ordered Chiefs to provide lands for Fulani herdsmen in the state. According to him, it is way of maintaining peace and order in the state. The governor also said that the agreement was reached after series of meetings with security agencies, various committees and representatives of herdsmen in the state.

The questions which I don’t know whether Umahi asked before giving the order to Chiefs who may be loyal to him are, where are the lands which he wants the chiefs to give to Fulani herdsmen? Have Ebonyians agreed to give their lands to Fulani herdsmen? What are the benefits of Fulani herdsmen cows to Ebonyians?. My dear governor, consulting only the chiefs, security agencies, should not be the criterion why you should give such an order because the disadvantages are more than the advantages if at all there is any advantage which cattle colony will add to Ebonyians.

Let me quickly go to the main reason why I have decided to write this piece. I was shocked when I read the part of Umahi’s speech which stated that he will provide water to Fulani Herdsmen in order for them to ranch their cows.

In his words..

“I will provide amenities such as water in such locations because the state government does not have the resources for ranching”.

I was devastated and dejected to hear such from the governor because Ebonyians are crying for water to drink and survive but here is my Governor, promising to give Fulani herdsmen water to give to their cows.

As an Ebonyi, I know how much I spend to buy water every day because of lack of water and I know so many Ebonyians are experiencing the same thing, we beg you to kindly provide the water for us to drink and live.

Ebonyians need the amenities such as water like you said

more than Fulani herdsmen!!

(Wisdom Nwedene is a writer, blogger, can be reached via, Nwedenewisdom@gmail.com)

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  • Egwu Franklin
    February 10, 2018 at 11:09 pm

    Nonsense! Cattle rearing has become the most lucrative biz in nigeria abi? No body should claim ignorant of the brain behind this whole mess.However,you governors especially the eastern governors should only tell us that you guys are selling us to be annexed and conquared by fulanis for personal gains. You buying favour at the expense of our lives. Re-think my daddies and apply wisdom. Don’t let them take us abark.


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