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Welcome to Breaking Times, a global online newspaper for synthesizing news down to easy-to-read-and-comprehend stories. Send e mails to ; btbreakingtimes@gmail.com

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    Comment…what is happening in Benue State is not good at all. Goverment in all level should seek for perminate solution to it

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    Lawal jao

    You are bias and bigot you only publishes news when herdmens are protecting their self. But where are you when more than 20 fulanis attacked and killed by terrorist in taraba on saturday?

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    Cletus Omega Ngbede

    I advise Tiv people to go back to GOD and re-dedicate themselves to Him so that He will fight for them as He fought for Israelites. Religious war is fought by God who can defend His people in order to maintain supremacy. True and faithful beleivers should wake up to defend the land as Prophet Jeremiah prayed to God for Jerusalem. This war should not be waged with arms and ammunition BUT prayer. I, enjoin all Christians worldwide to cry to God to come into this battle so as to defeat Satan again. May God bless Nigeria.


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