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GAME OF THRONES | Buhari’s Ambition: At What Cost?

by on October 24, 2014

By Charles Aborishade


“Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it?”

Last week, news filtered in that the never-say-die-perpetual-aspirant of Nigerian politics, Maj-Gen Mohammodu Buhari picked the nomination and expression of interest forms as the presidential candidate of the All Peoples Congress.

The news itself was no news but there was a turn of event that calls for curious attention; the claim by the general that he had to borrow money to purchase his expression of interest forms.

Why one is tempted to point out the age-long African ethics of how the borrower is a slave to the lender, the import of such desperation is not lost on the generality of the people.

The charade of the scheme is bare and shameful of an aspiring leader. While Buhari’s posturing and maneuverings post-2011 elections betrayed him as one desperate for this occasion, common sense demands how come he was unprepared for the first financial commitment in his quest?

According to the former Labour Party chairman, Mr Dan Nwanyanwu: “Presidential contest is not for lightweight politicians or up-coming political parties without heavy financial war chest.” He went further to state that anybody aspiring to the presidential seat must have at least a billion naira just for the starters.

Let me quickly point out another absurdity in Buhari’s candidacy. He has been busy canvassing for votes of all Nigerians even when he is yet to win the presidential ticket of his party. He talks at Nigerians forgetting the first basic step—his party delegates. These are sign-posts of a grossly over-gloated reasoning. I would rather a simple-minded president than an ultra-reasoning one who forgets basic ethics and manners like “first thing first.”

In the words of Femi Aribisala “It is clear that Buhari is not only lacking the money to pay for APC nomination papers, he does not have the funds to pay for advisers, to counsel him about what to tell the public and how to prosecute an effective presidential campaign. His advisers might have educated him that there is something called ‘fund-raising.’

“Buhari wants to fight an election that will take place in four months time.  From what he tells us, he does not have 27 million to prosecute that election now. If this is true, he is not the right man to be president of Nigeria.  For a man who is running for election for the fourth time, that is the height of cluelessness.  It shows Buhari is lousy at marshalling resources.”

Frankly, Buhari is that candidate that a state of emergency should be summoned upon his quest to be a president. His last lost bid cost Nigerians more violence than any we have witnessed in the history of electioneering. I find it curious that the Boko-Haram is signing a cease-fire deal with the federal government after several years of blood-shedding. Yet he is being prodded for another outing in 2015. There is only one sure result for this time again—assured defeat.


Charles Aborishade is a trained Historian and social media consultant. He writes exclusively for BREAKING TIMES every week in the column, Game of Thrones. He can be followed on Twitter at @SeeWilhelms

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  • Stanley
    October 28, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    I don’t get you. You guys are unserious. You mean Buhari is not a good presidential candidate because he does not have stolen funds to lavish on a presidential campaign?


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