GAME OF THRONES | Between Obasanjo and Buruji Kashamu

by on October 20, 2014

By Babatope Falade

“Chief Obasanjo may be popular with some leaders in the north, but I don’t think he’s the ace to Jonathan’s success in 2015. Jonathan is better off with a friend like Kashamu than Obasanjo.”

Buruji Kashamu and former President Olusegun Obasanjo need no introduction. They are both strong members of the ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). They have also been cronies, and the former was an ardent loyalist of the Owu chief. He even unleashed his financial might and organizing abilities to help fight Otunba Gbenga Daniels in Ogun state.

Lately, one has been forced to examine their dead relationship and calls by Chief Obasanjo for the PDP to relieve Kashamu of his position as Chairman of Mobilization and Organisation in the South West PDP. This is one condition he has given, if he is to consider moving a feet in the 2015 elections in favour of PDP.

The question then is: Is Buruji so important that he is a determining factor for a man who once said “election is a do or die affair” and that “even if Jesus were to come down, he can’t address the political peculiarities in Nigeria”? I find it interesting that a man who has taken on the might of Jesus and natural order of things will desperately draw any form of capital to exterminate a mere mortal like Kashamu?

Kashamu according to Obasanjo is wanted for drug related offences which makes him bad for his own image as an anti-drug czar in Africa.

The question then is, was Obasanjo selectively oblivious of Kashamu profile and track implication with drug related offences? Was he only alerted after they fell out of their bond? I doubt that. Obasanjo knew all along that Kashamu has had to answer to such cases and he didn’t care because the man was loyal and influential. He could use him to get respect in Ogun State which has constantly eluded him.

What gave Kashamu a bad name with Obasanjo was the former’s transferred loyalty to party politics and strategically, the president’s wishes. Kashamu abandoned Baba when he needed him the most to fight his usurpers at the federal level. Kashamu was party to the sabotage on Baba’s boys; Bode George, Olagunsoye Oyinlola at the national level of PDP’s politics. Whether we are aware or not, you are as strong at the federal level, just as you are strong at your ward level. Any relevance otherwise will be derived from alternate social capital or relevance with other disgruntled people in other geo-political zones.

Chief Obasanjo may be popular with some leaders in the north, but I don’t think he’s the ace to Jonathan’s success in 2015. Jonathan is better off with a friend like Kashamu than Obasanjo.

It is interesting that many influential politicians have some cases to answer, but I guess they are influential after all. The president should understand the odds in selecting whom to take sides with. However, I am sure that Obasanjo is not that person.


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