Gay Doctor escapes mob lynching near Abuja

by on June 5, 2017
A medical doctor narrowly escaped death when an irate mob of local youths in Masaka, one of the gateways to the Federal Capital Territory in Na­sarawa State descended on him for allegedly engaging in homosexual act.
Our correspondent learnt that it took the timely intervention of se­curity operatives in the area to res­cue him and his male partner from the angry youths last week.
Both men were alleged to have been caught in an undisclosed ho­tel where they frequently met for their homosexual, amorous activi­ties.
The mob made up of militant youths who were armed with clubs and machetes and chanting victory songs claimed that they went to the scene when one of the hotel house­keepers raised an alarm over what he considered an illicit act by the two male partners.
The security operatives, our correspondent gathered pleaded with the mob for hours before they could be persuaded and prevented then from taking laws into their hands, they wanted to lynch the two accused.
Our correspondent also learnt that the two men had pleaded guilty to the crime before they were taken away by security operatives.
One of the accused persons who was identified by the people (name withheld) is said to be a popular and successful Medical Doctor in the locality, while his partner, (name also withheld) was also identified a successful business­man in the Federal Capital Terri­tory, Abuja.
Though members of the LGBT movement have tried to summon courage to speak out for what they term their rights, they have not successfully challenged the legis­lation outlawing same sex related activities in any court of law in the country.
It could be recalled that in 2014, former President Goodluck Jona­than signed a legislation outlaw­ing homosexuality and prescribed a prison term of up to 14 years for people prosecuted under the new act.

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  • George
    June 5, 2017 at 9:11 am

    While i do not subscribe to Homosexuality, I wish such vehement attack is equally directed towards all those that have raped and rendered these mob morally and economically bankrupt! yest towards those whose actions have had direct negative impact our common wealth….embezzlement with impunity. Not these two men based on mere suspicion of supposed act that that hurts no one.


    • Bayo
      June 5, 2017 at 9:22 am

      I concur! Stupid and backward Nigeria…shouldn’t we be dealing with issues that have denied us of right to education and employment. What are their crime that warrant a wicked jungle justice.


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