George Floyd: Over 2000 People Attend Black Lives Matter Protest In Tokyo

by on June 14, 2020

Thousands of Japanese protesters took to the streets to protest the discrimination of racial minorities and an end to police abuse after the killing of George Floyd by a police man.

The protesters rallied through Shibuya and Harajuku districts in Tokyo chanting ” no justice no peace ” and ” Racism is a Pandemic”.

Demonstrators demanded a societal change not just for George Floyd but for a victims of Racial abuse.

Over 2000 people were announced to have taken part in the protest by organisers.

Reuters reported that protesters also demanded Japan comes clean with the treatment of immigrant minorities through hate speech directed at Koreans and Chinese.

Japanese Media Channel, HNK publishing an animated story about the US protesters on its twitter page and was forced to delete and apologize for its depiction of African Americans.

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Protesters which started in America have spread around the world with rallies happening in Australia and Taiwan this weekend.

The protesters are not expected to end anytime soon after a Black Man was shot by the police in Atalanta.

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