George Floyd: Protests Show ‘ Chronic Disease’ Of Racism – China

by on June 1, 2020

The Chinese Government on Monday announced the protests due to the death of George Floyd shows issues with racism in America and highlighted America’s double standards in supporting the Hong Kong protests.

Foriegn Ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian said the Human Rights of black people must be guaranteed, adding ” black people’s lives are also lives “.

He continued ” racism against ethnic minorities in the US is a chronic disease of American society”.

He urged that the situation is a reflection of the severity of problems caused by racism and police violence in the US.

He warned that America’s response to protests at home is a ” textbook exampld of it’s world famous double standards”.

Why does the US lionize the so called Hong Kong independence and black violence elements as heroines and activists, Wike calling people who protest racism ‘ rioters’?

The Chinese state media over the weekend gave coverage to the protests access the United States.

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