Countries That Have Banned New Petrol Cars From 2030 [FULL LIST]

by on January 2, 2021

By Adejumo Enock

In a bid to make all new cars sales eco-friendly, several countries are set to ban the sales of new Petrol and diesel vehicles.

These countries plan to take this action so as to slow the globe’s carbon emission.

Norway plans to impose the ban of these vehicles on its citizens by 2025.

These Countries are considering a goal of abolishing new sales of conventional cars, those powered solely by internal combustion engines, and shifting to hybrid cars and electric cars from 2030.

According to reports, some of these countries intends to take a crucial step of mandating electrified vehicles and thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions in their countries.

Also, Forbes reported that interest in electric vehicles in the UK has shot up by 500%, while sales across Europe have reached half a million units so far in 2020.

Other countries like; Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Iceland and Netherlands have made moves towards closing the market for Petrol and diesel consuming vehicles.

Japan, which has recently declared a climate emergency, has also brought forward the date for the ban on the sale of diesel and petrol vehicles to 2030.

Due to the move taken by most of these countries, there is now tremendous competition within the technologies related to electric vehicles and batteries as application of continuous improvements made this type of vehicle the logical option for the future.

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