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Goodluck Jonathan was too blind to see the Conspiracy against him – David Mark

by on April 27, 2017

A former Nigeria’s Senate President, David Mark, has said that ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan was too blind to see during the 2015 general elections.

Senator mark said he warned Jonathan of the conspiracy against him in the north before he lost the 2015 presidential elections.

Mark said this in the book, “Against the Run of Play: How an Incumbent President was defeated in Nigeria, written by the Chairman of ThisDay Editorial Board, Olusegun Adeniyi.

He said that he saw the defeat coming and had pointed out the unrealistic voting projections made by the party about the North to the former president and the conspiracy against him but he was not taken seriously.

According to him, “I saw it and at different times, I pointed out to him and the party that the projections being made by some people around the president about what the voting pattern in the north would were wrong.

“I could see the conspiracy and the gang-up building up in the north against the aspiration of Jonathan but my voice was drowned out by those who took it for granted that a sitting president, and one from PDP, could not lose.

“Some people were deceiving the president with the kind of false scenarios they were painting for him. The VP could see the conspiracy but I don’t know how much influence he had on the campaign. Why Jonathan couldn’t see it until it was too late is what I find difficult to understand.”

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  • akin sodimu
    April 27, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    Very funny and funny indeed ! David Mark was the President of the Senate during Jonathan’s administration. David Mark then was responsible to the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and not Jonathan. What David Mark was supposed to have done, which he failed to do, is the fact that he should have spoken out publicly to alert the general public and prepare an evidence-report to the INEC, but he allowed party politics to becloud his judgement, and himself, Jonathan and the party which they belong, crashed fatally in the Presidential Election. The book that was written is full of lies and fallacies, and there is no way that book can pass any test of objectivity. In my own candid opinion, i will advice Jonathan and his rubber stamp brother David Mark to please keep their mouth shut, if they don’t know what to say.


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