#GovernancePuzzles: Nigerians Weigh In On How To Choose The Beneficiaries Of #COVID19 Relief Funds

by on April 24, 2020

In Today’s #GovernancePuzzles with The Country Director for Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), Dr. Joe Abah, Nigerians have suggested ways the Federal Government can really identify the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Joe Abah stated that 65% of the economy is in the informal sector and majority are undocumented. As a result of the lockdown due to COVID-19, many cannot feed. How will you react to this situation as the President of the nation and how will you identify those who really need these relief funds?

He tweeted:

“Assume that in the medium term, you’ll cut cost of governance. In the short term, how will you get money to provide relief to MSMEs? Will you borrow? When you’ve got the money, how will you choose beneficiaries from the 60 million people in informal jobs? #GovernancePuzzles”

Suggestion have started pouring in on Today’s #GovernancePuzzles.

See some of them below.

Ace Grinne seemed not to be fascinated about the idea of sharing money. He had this to say:

“I don’t believed in sharing of money. Government should…. Food price control, fuel price control, heavy decrease of political leaders salaries and allowances….. Senators 20+ millions and Best doctor in Nigeria can’t boast of 7millions for the good job…..”

Dara Moren suggested leveraging on the existing INEC structure to identify the vulnerable. See below her comment.

“There is a polling unit in every village in Nigeria. I will partner with INEC, and ensure that the same way election materials gets to them, relief packages gets to them too. I will partner relevant agencies for adequate monitoring and feedback. That way no one will be left out.”

@tbarijohnson thinks that borrowing is the best option in the short term. See below his comment.

“Borrowing is definitely the best way to go in the short term, when you get the funds, BVN/bank account is the best way to get the funds to the informal sector, hence my initial suggestion. The financial sector must be active cz it’s critical.”

See below Kelvin Emmanuel’s views.

“The Sovereign Wealth Fund is divided into 3:

Future Generation Fund

Now’s the time to make use of it. Crash the ECA into the SWF and appropriate it.”

Kereti Usoroh had this to say:

“I’m will never embark on total and national lockdown, that is shooting myself on the foot. We must understand that Nigeria as a nation cannot cater for everyone.

“I’ll encourage agricultural and local manufacturing businesses to continue, by supporting them with intervention fund.

“I’ll set up food banks in each of the local governments to cater for the poorest of the poor

“Intervention should be community-based and should handle by the locals, under the strict supervision of SIP (federal government). It will allow easy identification of the most vulnerable.”

Another Twitter user, @hunteryskelis tweeted:

“When mosquito nets were to be distributed nationwide i participated in it, trust me if Nigerian government wants to give packages to every house hold in the country they know how they will do they are not just doing it, patner with ministry of health and population census simple.”

Victor Kolo weighed in on the subject matter as well. See comment below.

“1st where are & what are the role of the Councillors they are the bridge between the community & government at the top..

“The truth be told the system in which the flow/channels of information from top to bottom is totally broken down.”

Another Twitter user, @3rixs feels the use of Bank Verification Numbers (BVN) will be very ideal. See below.

“Share money to all citizens with a bvn, the ones without bvn should be shared to them in cash which the details of the bvn would make you not to pay a person twice all these can be done by the cbn. Also instruct there to be constant light network providers should slash prices ATM.”

Do you have contrary opinion on the subject matter. We will love to see yours in the comment section.

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