Gum disease Natural Treatment – Periodontitis and Gingivitis

Symptoms and Treatment of Gingivitis and Periodontitis

By : Mehwish

Gum disease is a common problem which affects a large number of people. The most common types of gum disease are Periodontitis and Gingivitis.

Gum disease damage many important tissues that are necessary for teeth health. The starting stage of gum disease is gingivitis in which redness and swelling show on gums. Gingivitis is not a dangerous disease. It can be easily controlled by following some steps.

  1. Regularly brush your teeth.
  2. After every meal use dental floss.
  3. Use mouthwash twice a day.

If gingivitis cannot be treated properly then it can be converted into periodontitis which is a harmful disease of gum. Periodontitis also causes many other diseases such as diabetes, lung disease, stroke, and heart diseases. Periodontitis damages the mushy tissue and bones that are necessary for teeth health.

The main symptoms of periodontitis are swelling on gums, bleeding on gums while brushing, bad breath, pus cells showing on your gums and teeth, redness and sometimes purplish colour showing on gums and gums feel pain when touched.

Many types of bacteria are present in your mouth and some are very harmful. If you do not clean your teeth properly food particles are stuck in your teeth and cause bacteria to grow and damage your teeth and sporting bones.

Natural Treatments to reduce the effect of periodontitis

Treatment of  periodontitis is necessary otherwise it destroys your teeth.  Here are some natural treatments that help you to reduce the effect of periodontitis.

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients and help you to make your teeth strong and healthy.
  2. Milk and yogurt are rich in calcium that is good for bones and teeth.
  3. Sugar-free gums create a freshness in your breath.
  4. Almonds have low sugar and are high in fiber that is good for gum’s health.
  5. Turmeric Paste is good for gums and teeth. It has antioxidant properties.

Here is some food that is not good for gums and teeth:

  1. soft drinks
  2. sweet
  3. sans
  4. spicy foods
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