History of Halqa Arbab E Zauq Chichawatni City

Halqa Arbab e Zauq has 371 members with a 70-year-old literary tradition

Salman Bashir

Poetry is an important part of our cultural life and literary festivals are a means of promoting knowledge and literature in the society as well as promoting harmony, love and unity among different communities.

Chichawatni city has been suffering from literary stagnation for the last few years which was broken by Halqa Arbab Zauq Chichawatni. It was started in July 2016 and Government MC High School Chichawatni holds weekly sessions every Sunday. It also organized Mushaira on the occasion of various festivals.

Halqa Arbab Zauq Chichawatni city organizes annual meeting and annual mushaira in Jinnah Hall Municipal Committee on completion of every year.

Last time, the ceremony consisted of two periods. In the first round, the annual revision report was presented in which it was stated that while efforts were made to improve the works of local writers through the platform of the Halqa Arbab e Zauq by accepting and analyzing their creations, Gibran Ali, Arshad Farooq Butt, Jamil Ahmad Ansari and Hassan are its members.

New writers including Sohaib, Mohammad Aslam Taj, Mohammad Thaqleen and Danish Ali Fakhr are also taking part actively. In addition, Halqa played a role in reviving the municipal library by making a practical effort for its revival.

In his presidential address, Ikram ul Haq Sarshar said that Halqa was working for the promotion of pure literature and tolerance rather than following any particular sect, religion or ideology.

Halqa Arbab e Zauq has 371 members with a 70-year-old literary tradition, while branches of Halqa are operating in different cities with the aim of promoting pure literature and training the new generation.

Later in his address, Abid Masood Dogar, General Secretary, Anjuman-e-Shahriyan, while appreciating the performance and literary efforts of Halqa Arbab, said that the literary stagnation in the city has been broken and new writers have been trained by Arbab e Zauq Chichawatni.

Prof. Munir Ibn e Razmi, Maqsood Ahmad Sindhu and Muhammad Akmal Pasha have also encouraged others to promote positive activities. Chairman Municipal Committee Rana Muhammad Ajmal Khan in his address said that we have made the promotion of knowledge and literature our priority in our election manifesto and we are always available for cooperation.

In the second round of the event, the special guests of the annual Mushaira were Prof. Ahmed Saqi, Fartash Syed, Faisal Hashmi, Mir Azam Kamal, Mustafa Anwar, Ammar Yasir Magsi, Nawaz Zafar, Adnan and Asif Bhatta.

The event was attended by a new generation of poets from Mian Channu, Kabirwala, Okara, Faisalabad, Attock, Burewala, Vehari, Melsi, Multan and Lahore.

Noman Haider, Azhar Abbas, Safdar Hussain Safi, Tanveer Syed, Wasi Abbas Safi, Tariq Bashir Tariq and Ali Ahmed while local poets Behzad Jazeb, Bilal Qamar, Amr Ali and Rafiq Sagar also spoke.

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