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  1. 1


    Dakubo Asiri, you don’t even know your self, if you like, go to hell

  2. 2


    he has started seeking for relevance again.shameful man!

  3. 3


    Asari Dokubo thank u my brother….APC wants to tear dis country apart..i pray God help you

  4. 4


    Comment…Dokubo d earlier u wake d beta 4 Ijaw pple.oda wise zoo is always zoo

  5. 5


    Comment…D Right Thing Shd Always B Done,if Pdp Win Let Dem Hav It,ringing Election Is Bad Inrespective Of Party,military Shd Play Der Role Witout Interference So Dat Der Wil B Peace

  6. 6


    when will dis guy learn to just shut up and respect himself. because you are not yet in jail for all your thieving in the name of agitation and treasonable statement, you still have the guts to come here and talk disrespectfully to our president.

    don’t worry, you day is coming then we will see what you are capable of. you talk so stupidly with a clear lack of common sense and threaten the entire Nigerian nation. i wonder why i’m even wasting data on you.

    you attempt at seeking relevance in this dispensation won’t work because even your ijaw brothers can see through your deception now.


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