Harobed & Associates Ltd In Partnership With The Lagos State Government To Train 10,000 Youth

by on January 26, 2017

The Lagos- State Government in its aim to create jobs and engagement for the youth of the state has signed a partnership arrangement with Harobed & Associates to train 10,000 youths in the state.

H&A is an indigenous company in Nigeria with foreign partners in the United Kingdom (UK) and Jamaica namely – UK Student World and Epican Ltd, Jamaica.

The President and CEO, Miss Deborah Abebe in her statement at the press briefing said “It is our assertion at H&A that every individual who has the requisite qualifications to perform in a specified role and/or career path should know how to access that industry or profession, but unfortunately this is not the case. While focus has traditionally been geared towards educating our youth to perform in the ‘working world’ less attention has been attributed to teaching them how to actually enter the employed ranks, thus in an effort to mitigate the ill effects we have established the H&A Career Transition Training (CTT) Programme” and the Harobed & Associates Professional Employability Transition (H&A-PET) Workshop which is the flagship training course under the umbrella of our CTT Programme.

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In March 2016, the company recognised that transitioning from education to employment was proving difficult for the youth population, emphasising the need to support young and highly skilled achievers in finding “qualification appropriate” employment. They subsequently established the H&A Career Transition Training (CTT) Programme to aide in the Government’s effort to find sustainable solutions for Nigeria’s ‘unique circumstances’.

The CTT Programme is aimed at supporting the transition of both new entrants as well as already qualified unemployed and underemployed Candidates into “qualification appropriate” roles at higher rates. It is designed to guide unqualified individuals through their development process towards career aspiration, ensuring they understand training and qualification requirements for their intended career paths; To aide qualified individuals in securing employment that is commensurate with their education and skill level; and it gives Candidates the opportunity to determine how best to approach their considered career path, and be provided information on how to access Federal and State funded training opportunities.

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The President and CEO of the company Miss Deborah Abebe in her statement went on to say that “the primary goal of the H&A-PET Workshop is teach, coach and empower young professionals to implement an effective job search campaign, whilst motivating them to take ownership of their career development and advancement opportunities. The workshop is all about helping candidates employed in their next right job while engendering self-reliance, and in so doing aide the government’s effort to end the cycle of underemployment as well as unemployment”.

The programme provides a Sustainable solution ensuring that all successful Candidates are equipped to manage their own career transition and continued development, ultimately becoming Self-Reliant.

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