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Hausa’s should face their Problems and allow Igbos face theirs – Apostle Mbazuruike

According to Apostle Mbazuruike who was flanked by Ada Biafra and Woman Leader, Market Women Association of Nigeria, South-East , Chief Mrs Ifeyinwa Ezenwa, nobody in power can stop God’s mission and Ndigbo known as Biafran people are in line with God’s mandate.
He said he could pass as a Prophet having predicted Trump’s victory but reminded all in leadership of Nigeria that agitation for Biafra is continu­ous because of injustice and falsehood which God abhors la­menting that enough blood has been wasted in the Biafra land.
He declared that much will happen in 2017 that would be in favour of the agitators of Biafra and Nigerians, warn­ing that recession is just begin­ning of God’s punishment, if Biafra’s future is not discussed.
Mbazuruike said: ‘’The more they delay the emergence of Biafra as a nation, the more Ni­gerian sinks and the more the sufferings of its people and the more the hardship. For anybody to say that Nigeria would come out of this recession is foolhardy and a statement from some­body not in touch with God.
He insisted that: “God is going to enthrone Biafra, the same way he enthroned Israel. …..these are the words of God because the will of God must be fulfilled”.
Mbazuruike is worried that all the Nations Britain colo­nized and gave foreign names have all changed to their local names including Gold coast now Ghana ;Upper Volta now Burkina Faso; Northern Rhode­sia now Zimbabwe and South­ern Rhodesia now Namibia.
He wondered why, Nigeria is the only country in Africa colo­nized and named by Britain that still answers the name given to her by her colonial master and this has a spiritual implication which he said is that as long as you answer a name given to you by your slave master you are still a slave. He added that the worst was that the Name Nigeria was given to us by a foreign woman.
He has a word for North­ern youths who he told that Ndigbo are not the problem the northerners have, the prob­lem they have are their leaders.
The Northerners, ac­cording to Apostle Mba­zuruike should ask their leaders why the North has produced eight people that ruled this country called Nige­ria for about forty years and yet there is nothing in the north to show for it and instead of the Northern youths confronting and attacking their leaders for disappointing them, frustrating them, turning them to street beggars and no do wells in the society, they are busy invent­ing schemes and plotting evil against innocent Ndigbo who are busy developing the north.
The Overseer of Agape Life Ministries Outreach, Awka and evangelical outreach queried the youths asking Ndigbo to go whether ‘’the quest for Biafra the reason the North is academically, economically and socially back­ward? Is the quest for Biafra the reason the north is plagued with diseases and afflictions? Is the quest for Biafra the reason why the North is poverty stricken?
He further said that: ‘’If the Northerners and their South-West collaborators think they can stop the emergence of Bia­fra as a sovereign nation, that is absolutely impossible; because Biafra is a spirit. Biafra cannot be arrested, intimidated, detained or crushed. Biafra is a divine project, a spiritual movement. If God says Biafra will be estab­lished who is that person that will say otherwise. And God, the sovereign Lord of the universe spoke, through me last year July that he will establish Biafra with His mighty hand the same way he established Israel. And if the Nigerian Government does not allowed the Biafrans to go there will neither be peace nor progress, rather Nigeria will continue to sink and stink.
He concluded: ‘’Your people that ruled this country for about forty years contributed greatly to devastation of the Nigerian economy through looting and wicked government policies. Religious riots emanating from the North have claimed thou­sands of lives and the atten­dant destruction of properties.
‘’Check for yourself and see whether Igbos or Northerners are the problem Nigeria has. I am urging the Arewa Youths to toe the line of peace if truly Islam is a religion of peace.
‘’We can go our separate ways and still live and love our­selves. Separation should not in any way generate hate and destruction of lives and prop­erty. We all need one another.
‘’I am a prophet sent by the Most High to lead the people of Biafra to independence, just the way Moses was sent by the Almighty to liberate Israel the people of God from the bondage of Egypt. The Igbos have been in captivity in Nigeria for fifty years and every fifty years in God’s cal­endar is a time of jubilee, a time for everyone to return to his own property- Leviticus 25:8-10.
‘’Anybody that calls himself a man of God and that hears the voice of God should pray con­cerning this message weather it is from man or from Yahweh, the Elohim of Israel and the Biafrans.
Yahweh the Elohim of Is­rael and the Biafrans have spoken; that he will establish Biafra this year 2017. He does not need referendum or help from any quarters. Period.
‘’The sovereignty Lord does nothing without revealing his secret to his servant the prophet. Amos 3:7, Daniel 4:17.
He predicted that the Political parties in Biafra will be ideology based, unlike in Nigeria where people defect from one party to another. He said Biafran motto should be God is our strength.
Mbazuruike noted that Justice, righteousness and loving-kind­ness shall be the foundation upon which Biafra shall be built upon. And there will be no super rich and super poor in Biafra.
He stated further: ‘’The un­employed will be taken care of by the government till they gain employment. The Govern­ment of Biafra shall run purely on MERIT. All citizens shall have access to National wealth. Good water supply will not be a luxury only the rich can af­ford. Teaching and learning of indigenous languages will be made compulsory. Best Interna­tional Practices shall be applied in all levels of government.
Lo­cal government council will en­joy full autonomy. Government will build decent houses for the poor. No Biafra will be termed ordinary or common citizen for every Biafran shall be dignified.
He said further that: ‘’Tradition and culture of our people shall be revived. Rigging of election shall be an abomination. Using mon­ey and material things to entice the electorate will equally be an abomination. Gay marriage will be outlawed completely. Every one will be equal before the law. No religious organization shall be recognized above the other. There will be Accountability in all levels of Government.
There will be transparency in all Gov­ernment transactions. There shall be quick dispensation of justice. Manufacture or sale of substandard products shall be a criminal offense. Public schools shall no more be for the poor, because their standards will be upgraded. In the Biafra of our dream welfare scheme shall be put in place for the elderly and disabled. Mad people shall be removed from our surround­ings and taken of. Public funds should not be deployed in fund­ing mission school or any mis­sion project.
In the Biafra of our dream, women will be equal partners with their male coun­terparts in the scheme of things.
Mbazuruike stated further: ‘’Discrimination and all un­wholesome practices against women will be totally elimi­nated. Hospitals in Biafra will be of international stand­ards. No Biafran will travel abroad for medical treatment.
Higher institutions in Biafra will be of the same status with those in the developed world. There shall be wholesome re­vival and restoration of our cul­ture and heritage. Traditional institution shall be completely insulated from politics. The presidency of Biafra shall rotate among the ethnic groups that make up Biafra as well, other top positions of government.
All market associations in Bia­fra land shall enjoy the freedom to elect their leaders themselves. Cultism in tertiary institution shall be a criminal offence. All forms of examination malprac­tice shall be legislated against.
He concluded: ‘’The poor will enjoy free medical service in all government hospitals’’.

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