He Has Not Eaten My Food, Made Love to Me in 13 Years – Wife Laments

by on May 7, 2016
A 44-year old fashion de­signer, Aduke Musta­pha bitterly wept at the Igando customary court on Tuesday saying that her husband, Yaya Mustapha has not made love to her and eaten any food she prepared for him in the past 13 years.
According to her, her hus­band gave no cogent reason why he stopped touching her until recently when he alleged that I tried to poison him 13 years ago.
Yaya Mustapha, 67, had pe­titioned the customary court to dissolve his 22-year old marriage which is blessed with three chil­dren.
According to Yaya, his wife, Aduke, is very greedy, “she failed to recognize that she’s my wife and whatever belongs to me belongs to her. She has been scheming to poison me all these years so that she can take over all my property.
“My wife had made several attempts to kill me in order to inherit my property but always failed. She poisoned my food 13 years ago; she gave me food one evening, I viewed a part of the dish and saw that there was something that looked different from the plate of food. I raised the alarm and called neighbours to check it out for me and they confirmed that it was poison and then I quickly informed my fam­ily members about the incident that happened so that I will have witnesses. Since then, I stopped eating the food she prepares and also stopped making love to her as she might get me through any sexual contact.”
He also said that another reason he wants the dissolution of the marriage is that she sus­pects that his wife may have a lover as there is a particular man she has been pressurizing him to sell his property to. “I just added one plus one and I knew what her plan is. Before she will eventually succeed in eliminat­ing me, I need to divorce her”, he said.
He continued by saying that his wife, Aduke converted to Christianity without his per­mission and goes out at will in company of other men. “This marriage has to end, I can no longer stay married to this kind of woman,” Yaya stated.
Reacting to her husband’s allegations, Aduke said that all what her husband said is a bla­tant lie as her husband knows she loves him so much and is taking advantage of that to treat her anyway he likes. She said, “I have never poisoned my hus­band’s food or planned to kill him and take over his proper­ty. He is the one that is very fet­ish and I joined Christianity to learn how to pray so that he can stop his fetish ways.
When we use to make love, he poured a substance into my private part which he claimed is anoint­ing oil and he said the oil is for his own protection so that he will not die while making love to me. She however said that she is still so much in love with her husband that she does not know how she would live with­out him. “Please help me beg him, I am not ready to divorce my husband. I still love him,” she begged.
Mustapha, despite his wife’s plea, insisted that he cannot con­tinue with the marriage as his life is at risk.
The president of the court, Mr Adegboyega Omilola said that he was convinced that the couple could no longer live to­gether. He said that, the petition­er, Mr Mustapha insisted on di­vorce after several interventions and the court has no choice than to dissolve the 22-year old union in spite of the fact that the wife claims she loves her husband.
He said, “The court pro­nounce the marriage between Yaya Mustapha and Aduke Mustapha dissolved today and both parties cease to be husband and wife and are free to go their separate ways without harass­ment or molestation.”

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