Here is Everything About Cassandra American Idol Season 19 Singer 

Cassandra Coleman is included in the top of 12 finalists who win American Idol Season 19. Cassandra, an American idol participant, is 24 years old and performed a moody cover of Chris Isaak’s classic Wicked Game on Sunday’s top 16 episodes.

She brought her energy and emotion and let her voice break at appropriate moments, twisting the song’s arrangement in a unique way. Her performance moved Katy Perr’s judgment and showed the hair on her legs that showed that she had never shaved them since birth.

The judge gave the remarks; your voice has a spiritual experience and is angelic. As a new mother or don’t have very much time. So I haven’t enough time to shave my legs. When you sang, the leg hairs grew an inch and a half. Such full-body chills. It was amazing. She impressed the judges and viewers b her amazing performance.

Here let’s talk about Cassandra’s American Idol contestant detail.

Early Life Cassandra Coleman

Cassandra Coleman was born on 15th May 1996 in Nashville, Tennesse. Jack and Lucinda are her parents. His father completed graduation from Ohio State University and served in the US army. He was the teacher at the Sullivan County School. Besides, her mother is also a school teacher.

She has four siblings, and they moved around the world because of his father’s job. Cassandra American Idol is five feet and four inches tall. She was so young when she was introduced to music. She always played artists such as Stevie Nicks, James Taylor, and Enya. Her parents’ life has a great impact on her.

Cassandra American Idol Journey

Once Cassandra auditioned and performed the Way it was by the Killers and apologized by One Republic in Los Angeles. Three judges said yes to her. Moreover, she sang Hollywood Rinning With the Wolves by Aurora and Too Close By Alex Clare. Her Apologize by One public and Find Me by Sigma are made in the top 10.

She always struggled on stage and made her parents proud. Besides, Cassandra always talked about her fear on social media and revealed the point of becoming cotton-mouthed. But her fear always kept her away from it. However, her decision to join American Idol was very strong.

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