HIIT Burn Fat Faster and more Efficiently

Being overweight is a big problem and causes many diseases.


If you want to lose weight and Burn your fat speedily then HIIT is best for you. HIIT is a type of exercise that burns a large number of calories in a short time.

Being overweight is a big problem and causes many diseases. HIIT burns more than 25-30 % calories as compared to the other exercises. It is very effective for instant weight loss.

Here is some best HIIT cardio workout that helps you to reduce weight speedily.


It is a type of exercise in which all muscles of your body are involved. No machinery needs to do burpees. Get a squat position to bend your body down keep your spine straight and your chest touches the ground. Do push up with both legs. Burpees burn belly fat speedily.

High knees

It is also required no machinery. It improves your body flexibility, increases Heartbeat and gives strength to the muscles of your leg. To perform these open feet left the knees towards the chest and open your arm and let the nice touch the palms.

Lunge jumps

This exercise burns a large number of calories and also boosts your heart rate. To perform this, move a leg forward in which condition that your spine remains straight. Now move your leg in a perpendicular position and go down with another leg repeat the same exercise.

Jumping jacks

It improves your muscle strength and is a fantastic way to burn calories. To perform this, stand straight and relax your body. Now jump and place your feet at a small distance and move your hands up and down repeat the steps.

Mountain climbers

It is good for heart health and improves your mobility. In mountain climbers many muscles and joints of bodywork same time.

Rope jumping

It is easy and burns a large number of calories. You can do it easily with the help of any rope available.


push-ups is a common exercise and good for burning fat. Fast HIIT cardio workouts increase your metabolic rate and also improves your oxygen consumption capacity.

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