Hijab Style makes girls perfect

Muslim women wear a covering that covers their head and breasts,

By : Mehwish

In the presence of any male outside of their close family, Muslim women wear a covering that covers their head and breasts, known as the hijab.

World hijab Day

The 1st of February is observed as World Hijab Day in over 140 countries throughout the world, with the goal of raising awareness of hijab.

Age to wear hijab

At the age of nine, females are required to wear a hijab. According to Islam, when a girl receives her first period, she should begin wearing a hijab.

Wear hijab in a different style

There are thousands of different hijab styles to choose from. To get started, here are some suggestions.

Simple style hijab

Cover your head with a large rectangular scarf.
Under your chin, pin up both sides of the scarf.
One end of your scarf should be flipped behind your opposing shoulder.
To the front of the opposite shoulder turn the same end.
Make sure both ends of your scarf are covering your chest.

Flower hijab style

Hijabs with flowers and blooms always appear stunning and fashionable. When you build a flower form and add a frill to the top of your head, you’ve completed your great appearance and style.

Butterfly hijab style

This design is lovely and offers you wings to soar through the skies. The butterfly hijab is made up of two pieces that are joined together. The bottom section has a facial hole and a hair cover. To generate waves on the sides of the face, a single loose sheet of cloth is joined with the bottom section folded over the head like a hood.

Turban hijab style

This style gives your face a sophisticated appearance. Put on your hijab hat, then grab your scarf and position it on your head with equal length on both sides. Cross one side of your hijab over the other after flipping both sides to the back. Pull them together neatly and repeat the process.

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