Holly Revord Life  As The Parent of Popular Child Celebrity Raegon Revord

Holly Revord is a well-known American woman and renowned parent. Yes! She is the mother of Raegan Revord, an American youngster entertainer.

No details are available about Holly Revord; just know that she was born in San Francisco, California. Well, there is no other detail revealed regarding her siblings and education.

Holly always thought about her daughter’s career and introduced her to theatre and movies at a very early age. She always stayed with her daughter as she managed her social media and answered all the fans’ questions.

Holly Revord’s Physical Appearance

Holly Revord is a beautiful 40-year-old lady. She has a charming personality at 5 feet 6 inches and 60 kg. Overall, she is in good health with blonde hair and brown eyes.

Holly Revord’s Career

Holly Revord guided and directed her daughter in the Hollywood industry. In the popular CB Sitcom series Young Sheldon, Raegan Revord’s role was her breakthrough role.

Previously, she appeared in the ABC comedy series Modern Family and played a sarcastic character named Megan.

She started her career at age four, and many people don’t know about it. Raegan revealed that her parents set up events and concerts for her to display her jaw-dropping talents.

Her mother introduced her to the entertainment industry. Holly devoted herself to her daughter, and Holly Revord’s work history is completely absent from the internet.

Professional Life of Holly’s Daughter Raegon Revord

Raegon Revord was born on 3rd January 2008, and her birthplace is San Diego, California. She is a natural performer and fell in love with acting at a very young age.

She became a model at the age of four and appeared in commercials. After that, Raegon became six years old and transitioned her modeling into acting.

She played an amazing role in the sitcom ‘Modern Family’ and a recurring role as Megan between 2014 and 2016. Moreover, Reagan appeared in Tortoise 2015 and the TV series W/Bob & David.

After that, the following year, in 2016, she featured in the Netflix series Grace and Frankie. Furthermore, she continued her work and appeared in The Big Bang Theory in 2017.

The spin-off series Young Sheldon.’ after two years, Raegon came into the TV series Alexa 7 Katie and was nominated for best supporting actress in a TV series at the Young Artist Awards 2018. Besides acting, she is a dedicated writer and has written many children’s books and TV scripts.Raegan Revord

Relationship status of Holy Revord

No one knows exactly how Raego Revord’s father met her mother. No one knows, but some rumors say he belongs to the US Army. He is a military officer with the United Nations who serves in combat.

Due to his job, he stays busy most of the time and spends weeks or months away from his family. Most of the time, Holly Revord is described on social media as a single mother.

Moreover, according to some sources, the couple was engaged for more than five years before marriage. They have one child named Raegan; all other marriage details are unclear.

Their daughter Raegan Revord was born on 3rd January 2008 in San Diego. She is very attached to her mother and just focusing on her career as her mother wanted

Social Media Appearance

Holly Revord is not active on social media; she just devoted her life to her daughter. However, she made social media accounts for her daughter, like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, where she has thousands of followers.

She just enjoys the recreational activities, like hiking, biking, outings, daily life, and movie promotions that fans enjoy.

Holly Revord’s Net Worth

As we already mentioned, Holly Revord is famous as the mother of Raegan Revord. She is an American child celebrity and played a prominent role in many movies.

All the income comes from her daughter’s career because she began acting at four. She took her to different theatres and movies to polish her skills.

No doubt, her daughter’s success is because of her mother. She is managing everything for her and her daughter. Holly Revord’s estimated net worth is $50,000, and her daughter’s net worth is $350,000.

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