Hong Kong: Police Arrest 53 Protesters

by on June 10, 2020

The Police in Hong Kong announced that 53 people were arrested during protests on Tuesday as activists returned to the street blocking the roads and getting pepper sprayed by Police.

The protest was a remembrance of a year of pro democracy rallies in the city under a time of the new proposed National Security Law.

The Hong Kong police admitted that 17 women and 36 men were arrested accusing them of offences like unauthorised assembly Nd unlawful assembly.

The Hong Kong government had earlier banned gatherings of 8 or more people to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Protesters have promised not to back down as more Protests are being planned in the coming days protesting the new National Security which criticism say signal the end of Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Government announced earlier that the Security Law will not target the end of Hong Kong but only the ” trouble makers” in minority.

Some British Banks with a historic presence in Hong Kong like HSBC and Standard Chartered have shown support for the Law drawing heavy criticism from Western Investors.

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