Honorable Chibudom Nwuche debunks allegations of Illegal firearms possession

by on May 4, 2017

Hon Chibudom Nwuche has refuted allegations by political opponents in conjunction with the security agencies.

In a statement released by his media Assistant, The House of Representatives member said ; The latest attempts by those persecuting Hon Chibudom Nwuche former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives for political reasons by trying to rope him into allegations of illegal firearms possession, after infiltrating the Nov 28 2016 search in his residence with criminals who stole and sold 2 certificates of occupancy, Rolex watch amongst other valuables will fail again.

These political interests who have engineered several false petitions to the security and anti graft agencies aimed at tarnishing Nwuche’s sterling political profile and criminalizing his businesses as part of their 2019 ambition to be the only ones to be reckoned with,are going to ridiculous extents in trying to influence the security agencies against him. These security and anti graft agencies are not fooled and know that if anyone is to engage their interest it will be Nwuche’s traducers who have held executive positions and presided over budgets running into several billions with obvious questions of corruption to answer.Why would the anti graft agencies be interested in Nwuche who left office without blemish over 14 years ago and has always been an affluent legal practitioner and business man even before volunteering to serve his people in the National Assembly between 1999 to 2003.

These traducers began by trying to criminalize a purely civil contract between an NGO in which Nwuche is a trustee and the Amnesty Office,where the NGO has a claim of outstanding N5.4Bn owed her on provision of sea time training vessel.Their intention was to stop the ongoing contract and deny Nwuche revenues in their false belief that he will run for political office in 2019.

They then proceeded to infiltrate the search of Nwuche’s residence after lying to security agencies that Nwuche had a stash of dollars in his residence.The search revealed no horde of dollars,even though there is no law prohibiting business people from earning and keeping dollars in their houses.The criminals who infiltrated this search stole and sold C of O,s and planted firearms with the aim of incriminating Nwuche/blackmailing Nwuche. The police have recovered these C of Os and declared the main culprit who illegally participated in the search wanted.

These criminals who infiltrated the search are also suspected to have been behind the armed robbery by 5 men in military camouflage bearing AK 47 rifles the next day in Nwuche,s office where they came to retrieve vital evidence and documents to cover their sponsors . These matters are still being investigated by the police to uncover those that stole C of Os,planted firearms and committed the armed robbery the next day 29th Nov 2016.

How come it was after Nwuche made determined efforts to recover his C of O’s and arrests were made that these spurious firearms allegations surfaced.Who knows what next these desperate people will either plant,concoct or dredge up in their determined efforts to undermine Nwuche for their 2019 political ambition.

Nwuche continues to repose great confidence in our anti graft and security agencies and knows that they can not be swayed into persecuting innocent people as the truth will always prevail.They will in the course of their diligent investigations discover that the allegations and petitions are all false as you can not dress a man known for humility,integrity and honesty in borrowed robes of criminality. We hope that they will at the appropriate time turn their search light on these characters and prosecute them accordingly.


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