HORROR | Woman Strangles 4 Of Her Neighbors’ Children To Death (PHOTOS)

by on March 3, 2018

A woman has been arrested after strangling to death her neighbor’s children. According to reports, the woman who was aided by some men, kidnapped her neighbor’s four children, lured them into an inn called “Auberge Ordinaire”, where the children were strangled.

The incident happened in a border village in Southern region of Cameroon called Kye-Ossi.

When the mother of these children, who went to take a nap after they came back from school, started looking for her children, this woman that kidnapped them was involved in searching for them.

When their corpses were discovered in the car, one of them was still breathing. But the other three had died. As the residents heard of the evil and on seeing the corpses, they went on rampage and burned down the hotel.

The corpses  of the strangled children were deposited in a car as their killers waited for the customers that demanded them. These customers are said to be from Gabon.

They beat hell out of the woman before the the arrival of the police, who prevented them from killing her and her own three children. Under serious torture, the woman begged not to be killed, that she will name all the people involved in the business.

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