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  1. 1

    Abasiama Akpan

    Comment…The Speaker is a man of integrity. Besides he is still young and has a brighter future in politics, of course that is if well protected. At this point, the boys have been separated from the men. This is the time for the men to rise up and take control and that is by ensuring that Gov Udom Emmanuel is retained and returned come 2019. Akwa Ibom State is not owned by a single individual but by a generality of people. Let us rise and speak with one voice. Kudos to Mr Speaker for the wise decision.

  2. 2

    Imo Chukwuemeka

    That is how it should be. Stand firm and do not be intimated. Wish you the best.

  3. 3


    Comment…my honourable speaker, sir. i luv ur steadfastness, courage and d spirit of sportmanship in u. ur kind is very hard to find buh as a young man wit immeasureable political prowel in u, u av broken my hrt wit diz speech. Heros like u dnt tell dia secret experiences even to dia wives except u want to b sampson of our tym. learn to swallow ur ugly POLITICAL experiences, hook, line an even sinker. I luv ur work sir. Am ur fan frm another constistuency. I wish u d best in . . .

  4. 4

    E E O

    Story story…Story. Just tell us another story if you have one or you call the name of the person who offered you such money.

  5. 5


    You no want money and positions? Akpabio Wl send u to jail of cuss u sabi am well well.

  6. 6

    Abdullahi isah Bashiru

    Comment…is a lies Igbo man don’t jokes with money

    1. 6.1

      Alpharis Philemon

      But Luke Onofiok is not Igbo, though you don’t know him so you can say anything that comes your mouth.

  7. 7

    Sir Piper

    We dont need names so long as we know who went to London to meet Buhari.
    We know the kind of promises likely made by such person(s).
    Again, the speaker is not an Igbo man…..he can reject such money!

  8. 8

    Alpharis Philemon

    You a man of integrity, I trust you and what you can do, betrayal is not in your lexicon.

  9. 9

    Nwapanyi Ifeanyi

    2billion just to defect to APC? Not to construct our dilapidated roads, not to create jobs at a time the youths are dying in pains, not to give joy to the fatherless and the motherless, not give smiles to the aged and the bedridden, not to increase the peanuts being paid the neglected civil servants, not to absorb the 2016 Npower beneficiaries whose contract ends in a matter of weeks! The God of vengeance will visit the Hatchers of the gross penury and unimaginable suffering that have befallen the Nigerian masses. They shall sleep and not wake, they shall die of undiagnosable and incurable diseases, they shall seek peace but will not see it. This I ask through JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD! Amen!

  10. 10

    Fanyam Mexas

    look at this hungry Speaker, You will spend 2billion for ages. in fact you will collapse on receiving such in your miserable life. APC not an ideal option but you will again tell that to the foolish youths

  11. 11


    Comment… lies…,.


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