How Imo happened; The details ~ Abdul Mahmud

by on January 15, 2020
A popular sage, human right lawywr a political commentator, and social media influencer, Abdul Mahmud has published on his personal Twitter handle detailed illustration as to How Imo Got Here: The legal luminary affirms that the 2019 Imo governorship poll was rigged by security forces and thugs in 388 PUs in favour of APC;The rigged results were declared at the PUs by the Returning Officers;At the Collation Center, the rigged results were excluded or voided. Meanwhile, in spite of the exclusion, the results were entered into Forms EC8 by INEC officials. Duplicate copies were handed to the police – same police that aided the rigging On the basis of the lawful votes, Ihedioha was declared winner;When battle raged at the tribunal last July, APC cleverly argued that its votes lawfully declared in PUs were unlawfully excluded at the Collation Center. It called 54 witnesses, including INEC PUs officials
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Note that APC didn’t allege rigging but exclusion of votes, which makes the burden of proof lower if it were to allege criminality- rigging. PDP only called one witness to rebut the testimonies of APC witnesses. INEC didn’t call a single witness, tender a single document on the disputed excluded votes, nor called its collation officers as witnesses At the tribunal, INEC played a funny game and PDP didn’t defend its victory with seriousness, knowing that the appellate courts sit on the records of the tribunal. At the close of hearing, the tribunal held that the Forms EC8 tendered by APC were either forged or tendered by persons not lawfully mandated to tender them.
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Though during the hearing, it was established that the Forms tendered by APC bore same duplicate serial number as the original entries. Ostensibly, the Supreme Court simply set aside the decision of the Court of Appeal and Tribunal and accepted the evidence of the APC led at the tribunal. Speaking on the judgment of the apex court, He had this to say; Did the Supreme Court do the right thing? Law is a strange being, guided by rules of evidence: on the basis of the unchallenged evidence of the APC, the Court acted right…But We should be careful. An entire process fudged by security agencies and INEC created the mess we now see. INEC admitted rigged results at the PUs and tried to exclude them at the Collation Center didn’t show a responsible Commission
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Worse still, INEC neglected to defend an election it conducted, leaving PDP Ihedioha hung and dry at the tribunal. Finally, the security agencies made Imo poll what it was: detty poll Finally, considering that the evidence on the record was before the Supreme Court, the best outcome would have been cancellation of the Imo poll as requested by APGA Araraume- for rigging Finally, for those Generals who jump my TL to spew nonsense, remember this: I go to bed each night happy that I’m not beholden to gods, paid to tweet and defend interests.
The Great Oracle has no friend or foe.
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