How Sexual Immoralities Actually Kills People

by on May 6, 2018

When preachers stand behind the pulpit to tell young people things like ‘Sex (premarital sex) can kill you’, many of us simply ‘smile-off’ such statements, as it seem illogical and ‘unrealistic’ to our ‘intelligent’ selves.

However, God laid it in my heart to bring our attention to certain things. Let’s begin with an incident recorded in Proverbs 7: 6-23. About the young man who was ‘blocked’ by a crafty harlot (an adulteress). After enticing him with smooth words like ‘I have spread my bed with tapestry, colored coverings of Egyptian linen’(Vs 16), ‘come, let us take our fill of love until morning’(Vs 18), and ‘my husband is not at home’ (Vs 19), she was able to lure him into her chambers!

Now, let’s see the way wise King Solomon described the aftermath:

“Immediately he went after her, as an ox goes to the slaughter… Till an arrow struck his liver. As a bird hastens to the snare, he did not know it would cost him his life’ (Vs 22, 23).

We might wonder, ‘how did (or could) the sexual act with the woman have cost him his life? Because, we are sure after the act, this man would simply rise up and go to his home breathing. So, where is the ‘death’ being talked of by the scriptures?

Here is something for us:


For going into her chambers to indulge in sexual immoralities, this man already sinned against God by disobeying His commandment of ‘Sexual activities must be between a married man and his wife in the safe confine of their marriage institution’.

The wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). The sexual immoral man has been separated from God because of his sin (God is a Holy God Who never condones unholiness). Separating himself from God is equal to cutting himself from Life (God is Life, God Is The Source of Life) Someone without life is dead. Someone separated from God is a walking corpse (even if he currently breathes on earth). Should he die without making amends with God, he is doomed forever (eternal death in hell)!


See it this way.

– Neighbors saw him entered into the adulteress’ chamber.

– Neighbors begin spreading the incident, and the news went viral about how the man had sex with another man’s wife.

– Everyone begin avoiding this man. They now see him as an evil person who can do anything to satisfy his own lusts.

– The result threw him into depression. His business affected. His honour butchered. No friend again, no companion. No more steady resources. Then, he begin nurturing suicidal thoughts….. Or, perhaps….

– The adulteress’ husband arrived, heard the news, went to the man’s house in annoyance, and killed him brutally. He died! What killed him? Sexual immorality!

Unfortunately, when he was about committing that sin, ‘he did not know it would cost his life’.

Now, let’s come here…

As a young lady, let me tell how premarital sex can actually kill you!. Apart from spiritual death briefly explained earlier, you:

– Get pregnant ‘unwantedly’. You tried aborting it and die of complications. Or perhaps, you decided having the baby, but because your womb is not yet strong enough to produce a life, complications still come and you still die.

– You get infected with deadly sexual viruses like HIV. Your dreams and aspirations would be cut short by sexual sins.

– Because you are an emotional being, you get emotionally attached to him after the sexual act, putting all hopes on him marrying you. He dumped you after messing with you, and you get depressed. Depression is nasty. It affects your health, and can even make you to begin nurturing suicidal thoughts.

As a guy, let me tell you how premarital sex can actually kill you. Apart from spiritual death briefly explained earlier, you:

– Contract deadly sexual viruses that cut short your life.

– You pick a spiritual curse that terminates lives prematurely

– Etc

It is obvious the five minutes pleasure you derive from sexual immoralities are not worth the aftermath pain. Wisdom demands that we SAY NO TO SEXUAL IMMORALITIES and say YES TO SEXUAL PURITY

Remember, the right type of sex (approved by God the Creator of All) is the one enjoyed between a married man and his wife in the safe confine of their marriage union.

God bless you.

Sunday Akanni Moshood
University of Ibadan, Nigeria

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