How To Get Clutter and Rubbish Ready for Removal Before the Holidays

As winter sets in and the holidays grow closer, it’s getting to be time for a refresh of your house. Before you can take out your holiday treasures, you need to declutter the rubbish and junk accumulated over the year, and that means reaching out to one of the best rubbish removal teams to help with disposal.

With Ridly rubbish removal clutter can be packed up and hauled off to in the same day conveniently and efficiently with no hassle and within budget. You’ll be left with a completely transformed space, a blank canvas, for making into your winter wonderland for loved ones to gather.

Until then, starting the decluttering process can be overwhelming if you don’t develop a plan and a strategy. One way to get organized is to set up bins, bags, or baskets appointed for tossing, recycling, donating, and gifting.

With a method to the madness, you’ll be able to go through one room at a time narrowing the rubbish and junk. When you find the ideal rubbish removal team, many will dispose of the items as you wish, with some taken to donation and recycling centres before stopping at the waste management facility.

With the right attitude and an ambitious and determined approach, you can get through the decluttering and rubbish removal process like a champ.

Tips On Getting Clutter and Rubbish Removed Before the Holidays

The holidays will be here faster than we realize, giving us little time to prepare. Part of preparing includes getting the house cleared out for the year and ready to receive close friends and family.

A clearing out of clutter and rubbish is a considerable undertaking that can often lead to overwhelm without a plan in line.

It’s unwise to just dive into the whole house, skipping from room to room with no rhyme or reason to your method. That can get confusing and lead to a bigger mess than you already have. The first step is finding a good rubbish removal team to be prepared to haul the load when you’re finished.

You’ll want to ensure they take the sort of items you’ll be getting rid of, that they come on the same day, and that they will haul them to the donation and recycling centres before dropping them to the waste management facilities.

Here are tips on not only getting rid of clutter and rubbish but steps to ensure it won’t come back.

Toss the Easy Stuff First

When you get started, you’ll want to establish bins, boxes, or bags, some type of containers labelled as toss, recycle, donate, and gift. You won’t do well to approach the entire house as one big project.

It’s much easier to start with one room and only rid it of the easiest items to let go of and then move to the next room following the same process. This will likely be the toss bag. Things that are not useful for anyone any longer. Either broken, deteriorated, and unable to be repurposed or recycled.

When you get through the easy stuff, you’ll gain more confidence to move on and reduce the junk a little bit more. It’ll get easier as you go until the tough decisions don’t seem so difficult. These you’ll save to the end.

The Disposal Plans

Before the process started you would have put a disposal plan in place. You have the option of selling items online and in various marketplace setups. Again, with recycling and donations, many rubbish removal services will take the things to the centres.

It’s important to find a service that confirms this; not all of them will. If you find a removal team that you really like but they don’t provide these services, you can make arrangements to have a charity centre come pick up the items, some will do that and there are countless recycling centres to drop off with when it’s convenient.

Just make sure you don’t put it off with a pile of recycling accumulating in a corner of one of the rooms – more clutter developing, when you’re supposed to be clearing it out. Ask people you’re gifting to if they can come by and pick up the items to get rid of the clutter faster. Set a time and day to ensure it goes fast.

You Might Find the Need to Procrastinate

As mentioned, the holidays will be here faster than a blink. Time goes quickly when you’re living in a fast-paced life. There’s genuinely no time to procrastinate if you want to sincerely get rid of junk to prepare for a lovely holiday. If you believe you’ll put things off incessantly, it’s wise to set yourself to a schedule.

Make it mandatory that you have at least one piece of junk removed every. Your decluttering process doesn’t have to be intensive or stressful, it can be relaxed and somewhat at your leisure but also structured.

Many people over the course of years in a home gradually become more minimalist because they decide that each day, they will remove one item that they simply have no purpose, use or reason to keep but that someone else might be able to put to good use.

This system makes many people look at “stuff” differently and how they choose to live.

If you can’t bring yourself to do a grand declutter, take a look at the room you’re sitting in, inventory it for a single item that just has no real purpose, you can genuinely do without; someone else, however, might have a good reason for.

In That Same Vein . . .

When you want to remove rubbish or junk, it’s pointless if you continue to bring new stuff in every time you get rid of something. Just because you get rid of that one item doesn’t mean you then need to find something to replace it. The idea is to become minimal.

The intention is to be consciously aware of your shopping and make a concerted effort to rationalize why you don’t need the item. It was said best in an article I saw that read, rid yourself of the “desire to acquire.” Decide that you will buy less. You don’t need to fill your house up to enjoy its beauty.

Find other ways, paint the walls a colour that brings you joy, put in flooring that stuns, add new windows, investments that will take time, effort, and money, but when finished, these will be reasons to appreciate your property without consuming it. Go here to learn how decluttering improves your life.

Avoid Feeling Obliged or Guilty

When sorting through the rubbish and junk, don’t look at it with a skewed mindset where you allow guilt or obligation to dictate whether you hold onto an item. This is your home, and it should only be filled with things you use and enjoy. No one should have an opinion on what you choose to keep or let go of.

If these are your things, it’s up to you to decide what happens with them.

With that said, you should also avoid fear when letting go of your belongings. The idea that someday you might need one of these things and won’t have it any longer is not practical.

While most items people have can be used in some sort of functional capacity, they won’t all bring a functionality to your home or a sense of necessity or purpose for you. There is a distinct difference that you need to consider when letting go of your items.

Try the No-Gift Gifts With Loved Ones

If you genuinely want to eliminate unnecessary clutter, stop building up junk and rubbish in the home, it’s important to consider where some of it might be coming from. People love to give us gifts but many times these mementos end up as clutter in the household.

We feel obligated to hold onto the items because of the love attached to them, but they usually go into a storage container and become a part of the junk sitting in our cupboards. There are many other ways to honour the people we love, and it’s okay to let close friends and family know that.

Alternative options can include spending time together on a special day which is a rare commodity given life’s hectic pace. You can go online and find lists of “clutter-free guides to gift giving” if you want to take part or give suggestions to those closest to you.

Final Thought

It’s okay to take a minimal approach to living in your home. Declutter the rubbish and junk. Each object you have requires time from your life to decide if you want to buy it, find a home for it, clean it, re-arrange it, fix it if it breaks, store it and bring it back out for holidays, and then decide if you want to keep it – a life cycle.

When decluttering and ridding the home of rubbish and junk, don’t put a lot of thought into the process; fill the bags and move on with the removal specialists hauling the stuff away.

You’ll be left with a completely transformed home. From that point it’s a matter of transforming your thinking before you start adding more.

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