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HUNGER forces Man to steal 12 wraps of Fufu, Pot of soup (PHOTOS)

by on November 16, 2016
A group of Local Vigilante group in Igbogene Community in Yenagoa Local Govern­ment Area of the state, ar­rested a 35 –year- old father of two, Kaduna Enatimi, for allegedly ‘stealing’ a pot of soup and over a dozen wraps of ‘fufu.’
According to the head of the Igbogene Vigilante group, Chief MoneySweet Asomo, the accused was arrested at about 2am on Thursday, November 10, 2016, while consuming some wraps of the stolen ‘fufu’ and soup in a local food shop in the area.
Chief Asomo said the accused person, an indi­gene of Akassa community of Brass LGA of the state, claimed that hunger caused by the prevailing economic hardship led him to steal the pot of soup and the foodstuff ‘to be able to feed his family.”
“We were on patrol at about 2am on Thursday and when we got to the Timida school area, we saw a man at a local food joint eating ‘fufu’ from a pot of soup. The food joint is owned by an Akwa Ibom indegene simply called Madam Blessing.
“We questioned the cul­prit and he confessed to have stolen a pot of soup, some wraps of ‘fufu’ and half basin of garri from Madam Blessing’s food joint. He claimed it was the present economic hardship that led him to commit the humiliating act.”
It was gathered that the Paramount ruler of the area, the Obenibe X1 of Epie Kingdom, HRH Hope Green Adike, intervened and asked the vigilante group to parade Enatimi round the community with the stolen items as a deter­rent to others and to re­lease him, thereafter.”
The paramount ruler ordered his release against the backdrop of the reason he adduced for stealing the pot of soup and wraps of ‘fufu,’ – the prevailing hun­ger and hardship under the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.
After Enatimi was pa­raded round the com­munity, he was forced to eat the stolen items in the presence of the indigenes of Igbogene community. He was later asked to go home with remnants of the ‘fufu’ and soup to feed the equally famished members of his family.
The shop owner agreed that Enatimi should be al­lowed to go home a free man, on the basis that she has no money to report the matter to the police.
The suspect who was forced to eat the stolen food continuously com­plained that it was hunger that drove him to com­mit the act, pleading with members of the public to tamper justice with mercy. He said he had no food in the house to feed members of his family.
Though the econom­ic hardship is being felt throughout the country, residents of Bayelsa state, seem to be worst hit, as statutory allocation from the federation account, seems to be the major source of revenue to the state.
And now that the al­location to the state has dropped drastically (from N25b to about N6b month­ly) there is now unprece­dented poverty in the state, and some people have tak­en to committing various crimes, some of them petty – to stay afloat – not mind­ing the legal implications.

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