Husband arranges men to sleep with ‘Wife’ as a means of Survival

by on May 18, 2017

A 55 year-old man popularly called Baba Ojo has ar­ranged for men to sleep with his wife for survival in Gabodon, Suleja.

His wife identified as Aduni, 45, said that her hus­band who is her second husband, with whom she had been living together for five years suddenly asked her to be sleeping with men he has chosen for her so that they can survive.

“My husband whom we’ve been living together for five years suddenly dis­cussed with me one morn­ing that he would chose some men who I will be going to sleep with for us to survive since I can’t afford to take care of him and my home.

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“He is always telling me that his friends are not do­ing anything and their wives have been solely responsible of their bills.

“For years now, my hus­band is not doing anything, I’ve been the one providing for the house. Now that my business has collapsed, he has chosen some men to sleep with me and they pay him the money; the least amount is N300 and the highest is N500.”

When asked if she is le­gally married, she disclosed that they are cohabitating, but people assume she’s le­gally married to him.

Contacted, Baba Ojo said, the issue is his personal business and if the wife does not feel comfortable with it, she has the right to leave to anywhere but assured her that no one would look at her direction.

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