‘I Didn’t Mean To Be Insensitive’ – Desmond Elliot Apologizes To Nigerians

by on October 29, 2020

After the uproar he faced over his speech on social media regulation, Lagos lawmaker Desmond Elliot wrote a letter of apology to Nigerians.

“I didn’t mean to be disrespectful, the famous actor/lawmaker said, adding that he allowed his emotions to get the better part of him.

“I have read your honest feedback and suggestions; i apologize sincerely for addressing the youth as “kids.”

“I didn’t mean to be insensitive to this, it was borne out of the magnitude of business devastation and looting I witnessed when I went to my constituency on a trip.

“My commitments and my work will continue to be driven by the pain I feel for my constituents, the calls for help I continue to get, and the need to mitigate further destruction and violence.

“I thank you all for expressing your opinions and I promise to be more aware and conscious in the future. We’re going to create a better Nigeria together.

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