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    El Rufai has reveiled 2 important facts. 1, that 70%of oil revenue in Buhari’s govt has disapeared without a trace.2,that he is now close to Pmb as a serving
    governor and he know exactly what he is talking about. Now, are Buhari followers stil believing that he has d capacity 2 lead Nigeria 2 d desired destination?

    1. 1.1


      Those that are still in defence of Buhari’s incompetence are part of Nigeria woos. They are sycophants that fed on the rest of us

  2. 2


    you close friends of buhari are Nigerians bigest problems for always given excuses for buhari incompetence, buhari if given 100 yrs cannot fix this economy,he surrounds himself with friend,family people who know nothing about governance, he his strengthen his friendship at the expense of our lives by destroying the nation and his economy, buhari is dead brain and he has failed

    1. 2.1


      Anyone who doesn’t have interest in making money for himself and friends could be out of selfishness,stinginess,u resourcefulness,parochial and narrow mindedness and lack of creativity and generation of ideas -Now found himself in governing a nation could retard repress retrogress d nation perhaps that may explain the reason for economic disaster we are now experiencing.

  3. 3


    he came to power with our economy still vvv much intact, but because he was busy travelling abroad, the economy was neglected and now destroyed, buhari has cause us so much pain and may God judge him

  4. 4


    Certainly, God will HELP us.

  5. 5


    Wat are we not saying? if only buhari will concentrate on d nation economy prbm and stop dis excessive traveling, bring of families and friend into d runing of his govt and reduice d the speed of d so called corroption fight and call for restructure of d nation. I belive it will yeid smthing best.

  6. 6


    Comment…he surrounds himself with bunch of herdsmen, noting can come gud from dem other Dan roaring cow, and can’t think better of Nigeria.
    the nation does not have agenda for the youths of this nation, can they pls make it easy for interested youths to travel outwards search of employment and better life?

  7. 7

    jibril kanye

    So unfortunately the way Nigerians are looking things totally out of reasoning eyes. El- Ruafa’i lamented what happened before, that lead to our present conditions. and putting everything humanly possible to fix it. but the shallow minds are saying trashed?

  8. 8

    Ferdinand Mourning

    There is so much to do. We do not have the luxury of sob stories. El-Rufai ask President Buhari to please wake up from his slumber.


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