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I will not Hesitate to sign the death warrant of anyone convicted of Murder – Governor Bello

by on January 27, 2017

Governor Abuba­kar Bello of Ni­ger State has said he would sign death warrant of any­one convicted of mur­der in the state.

The governor said this in regards to the incessant killings and cases of insecurity in the northern States, stressing that his ad­ministration would do everything within its power to secure lives and property of peace loving people of the state.

Bello made this state­ment after he visited Kaduna where he at­tended a security meet­ing along with other northern governors.

He said: “I will sign the death warrant for anyone convicted of murder, I will not even blink an eye as I will sign the death warrant and sleep well.”

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“Also anyone caught promoting crisis in the state would be made an example.”

The governor also al­leged that some influ­ential people including religious leaders and politicians were behind series of disturbances in the state, saying that the last crisis at Sab­on-daga led to the de­struction of 30 Gbagyi houses and 20 Fulani huts.

“We pray for this peo­ple to repent, if they don’t, we pray God to destroy them because they are our enemy, our collective interest is greater than their in­dividual and selfish in­terests,” he added.

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  • Virot
    January 27, 2017 at 2:55 pm

    Forthright talk. Unfortunately many other so call governors will choose to protect these murderers because they were instrumental to their so called electoral victories.


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