IBB Says its Unreasonable To Blame Military For Nigeria’s Problems

by on October 3, 2020

Former Military President of Nigeria(retd), IBB, has explained that it is silly and unreasonable to point accusing fingers to the military as being responsible for Nigeria’s problems.

According to him, civilians are in charge of Ministries, parastatals, institutions, adding that if there were issues, they should be held responsible.

“The civilians were there to show us the workings of the civil service, how the systems and institutions of governments works.

“We created no problem, what we did was to lay the foundation for subsequent administration to proceed from; infrastructure, and democracy.

“We successfully captured and brought to the country what was going on in the world today, referring to incident in Mali, he said that only a stupid soldier would seize power”, IBB stated.

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The world has become globalized and accepted democracy, so I used the word stupid because if you take over the UN, AU, and ECOWAS, the super power will approach you with sanctions.

On why it seemed the Military built the most lasting infrastructures in the country today, he added that a civilian ruler has politics to contend with.

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