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  1. 1

    truth is bitter

    my advice to brave nnamdi KANU pls whatever u do don’t count on South-east GOV,ohanaeze di Igbo,Igbo traditional rulers,South-South GOVs&their traditional rulers too becos small promise&bribe from Nigeria is okay for them to betray u,while u re fighting for independence,they re busy using yr struggle for their political interest, they re not d people to count on,their stomach is more important for them than d future of their generation,I hope one day they will die to understand that betray only lead to hell

  2. 2


    Comment…Laugh ke ke ke ke

  3. 3


    Comment…how many Ohanaeze do we have in biafra land? yeye media.
    journalists in Nigeria are confusion agents

  4. 4


    Comment…hmmm lie Muhammed

  5. 5

    bifar must live

    Comment…ojukwu foresee our today’s situation but blinded ohanaeze during his time can’t see. today they want to mortgage our future, so that we can enter second imprisonment by those who value cow and cattle than human life


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