Indians Love Gaming

The fall of China’s gaming industry is a massive opportunity for India

When it comes to gaming, India has come a long way. The country has a significant number of gamers, including sports betting fans. In this sense, sports betting fans can open a 1xBet account to access very competitive promotions.

However, the country’s gaming consumption and fascination do not align with innovations and entrepreneurship related to gaming. Make no mistake, Indians love gaming; it is just that they seem not to have the platform for making top-rated games that can cause a stir globally.

China Has Been a Big Obstacle

Several industry experts have argued that China has been standing in India’s way of becoming a global gaming giant. This is because China has dominated the gaming industry globally for a while now.

However, the Indian gaming sector can see a silver lining thanks to Xi Jinping’s continual crackdown on the industry. China’s gaming sector is under duress leading to the closure of over 14000 gaming businesses. Moreover, more than 140000 gaming firms have closed as China continues the new license freeze.

India Has a Fast-Growing Gaming Market

The fall of China’s gaming industry is a massive opportunity for India to breakthrough into the global gaming scene and dictate it. Studies show that India’s gaming market is worth 1.8 billion USD. From a global perspective, this number is relatively small. However, it is rapidly growing thanks to mobile-first games.

Additionally, other reports claim that over 300 people play mobile games in India and the sector’s market in general expanded at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 37% last year. These numbers show that the Indian gaming market is growing faster than social media.

According to research, the size of India’s mobile gaming market is approximately 1.5 billion USD which is around 86% of the entire gaming market. On the other hand, gaming startups in the country raised 549 billion USD in 2021’s first quarter, which was 412 billion USD more than what they raised in 2020.

These numbers also show that the gaming sector in India is growing faster than media sub-sectors such as home entertainment and cinema. Moreover, the gaming industry has also grown more than television and social media platforms.

As a result, India can take advantage of this opportunity to take over from China as the global gaming superpower.

India Has What It Takes

Nothing can stop India from becoming a global gaming superpower. It only needs to put in place appropriate incentives to help the gaming sector reach new heights. Additionally, India can utilize its rich culture and massive potential to develop state-of-the-art video games inspired by Indian themes.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Indians love gaming. Their love for gaming has positioned them as one of the leading countries when it comes to gaming. Furthermore, this substantial user base is what the industry can leverage to move the gaming industry in the country to the next level.

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