Will New Challenges for Tattoo Artists Resolve In Ink Master Season?

Ink Master is one of the best reality TV shows for those who are fans of tattoos. It became one of the most popular competition series that shows the skills and creativity of tattoo artists from all over the country.

The show has completed its 14 seasons on the Paramount network, and now everyone is waiting for the 15th season. So here we will share everything about the Ink Master season 15. The show comprises famous tattoo artists who perform different tasks to show their skills.

The winner was called ‘Ink Master’ and got a prize of $100,000, and their name came in Ink Magazine. The show includes three special episodes, which are made for different holidays and events, such as Halloween.

The show has some judges in this reality series, such as Chris Nez, Nikko Hurtado, Dave Navarro, Ryan Ashley Malarkey, Ami James, and Oliver Peck. The last 14 seasons were released on 7 September 2022, and now everyone is asking about its renewal for season 15.

Is Ink Master Officially Renewed by Paramount +?

No official statement was given by Paramount + regarding the renewal and cancellation of season 15. But this show always got positive reviews and average ratings.

It shows that it has loyal fans interested in tattoo challenges and drama. However, some factors could delay the season, like the pandemic, so Paramount+ has not made any renewal statement yet.Tattoo Artists Resolve In Ink Master Season

Release Date of Ink Master Season 15

No official announcement has been made regarding the release date of the Ink Master season 15. However, many speculations came to mind based on previous patterns.

The show aired in August or September every year, but due to the pandemic, it got delayed, and the gap reached two years between season 13 and season 14. If the two-year gap follows, the Ink Master Season 15 will air in 2024. Here is the previous seasons’ pattern.

Season 1: 17 January 2012

Season 2: 9 October 2012

Season 3: 16 July 2013

Season 4: 25 February 2014

Season 5: 2 September 2014

Season 6: 1 March 2016

Season 8: 23 August 2016

Season 9: 6 June 2017

Season 10: 9 January 2018

Season 11: 28 August 2018

Season 12: 11 June 2019

Season 13: 7 January 2020

Season 14: 7 September 2022

Season 15: Coming Soon

How Many Seasons Ink Master Have?

The fourteen seasons have completed 242 episodes, and everyone awaits the next one. So we can’t say anything about how many seasons of this series. First, it premiered on Spike TV on 17th January 2012 and then shifted to Paramount Network.

Each season has a different range of episodes from 6 to 16 and different themes or twists like rivals, veterans, teams, angels, grudge matches, turf wars, etc. Moreover, there are many spin-offs like Redemption, Ink Master: Angels, and Ink Master: Grudge Match.

What Happened In Season 14?

At the end of the previous season, there was a nail-biting finale in which three contestants competed to win the title of ‘ ink master.’ The finalists’ names are Bob Jones, Katie McGowan, and Angel Rose, and they created a backpiece tattoo in 35 hours over five sessions.

Judges evaluated their tattoos on style, technical application, composition, and overall impression. This finale won Bob Jones and got the title of ink master along with a cash prize.

What’s coming In Ink Master Season 15?

The show always brings new challenges for tattoo artists to create original and stunning designs on human canvasses.  Every week, a panel of judges eliminates one or more participants, and others compete for the show.

The show has many twists and themes, like veterans, rivals, angels, and turf wars. The previous season, 14, was hosted by Joel Madden, the lead vocalist of Good Charlotte.

It features 18 contestants with a theme of ‘ battle of the sexes.’ The final season aired in October 2022, and Katie McGowan became the first female Ink Master in the show’s history.

There is no speculation regarding the story of next season. Moreover, it has been nominated for many awards because it has new themes and challenges with new participants and judges.

It is expected that season 15 will feature changes or improvements to keep the show exciting, such as introducing new hosts or judges, formats and rules, and ways to interact with fans.

There could be more new celebrity guests and experts. Also, new contestants will explore new genres and styles of tattoos with innovative ideas.Tattoo Artists Resolve In Ink Master Season 14

Who Will Be in Season 15?

The show has a diverse ethnicity, background, experience, and style cast. Joel Madden did an amazing job in season 14 and received positive reviews from the judges. There are high chances that Dave Navarro will bring back the show.

The show surprises us with a new host with connections and expertise in the tattoo world. Furthermore, in season 15, Chris Nunez Oliver Peck has been part of the show.

Other names include Ryan Ashley Malarkey, Kat Von D, Anthony Michaels, DJ Tambe, Nikki Simpson, and Cleen Rock.

Platform to Watch Ink Master Season 15

All the previous seasons, from 1 to 14, are available on Amazon Prime Video, but each episode is available for $1.99 or $2.99 in HD quality. If someone wants to buy a whole season, the charges are $14.99 or $19.99.

Furthermore, you can watch seasons 1 to 11 on Hulu with a subscription fee of $5.00 per month with ads and $11.99 without ads. Pluto TV is a free streaming service for live and on-demand content.


No official trailer is available on Paramount +, so we can’t say anything about renewing or canceling the show. However, you can enjoy the previous seasons till the next one. Fans eagerly await, so we will share any news about season 15 as we receive authentic spoilers.

Bottom Line

A tattoo reality TV series has become the fan-favorite show, which has completed 14 seasons. Now everyone is waiting for the official news of the renewal of ink master season 1 5 by Paramount + network. Hopefully, we will get the good news very soon and will see the amazing content in the next season.

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