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  1. 1

    ilu mo eto....

    ….only thing i can see here is defeat tinubu,no good manifesto. pls tell us what would u do economically,socially,developmentally, structurally to beat d legacy of fashola,leave tinubu alone for us.

  2. 2


    If your agenda is to fight and defeat one man instead of telling us your political ideology and manifestos, you have missed it.Tell us how you are going to do better than the APC in Lagos state and stop the politics of condemnation.

  3. 3


    I am not a fan of politics but the people that suffer the most are people like me that sits on the fence and hope God will come down from heaven. All the average Lagosian expects is a level playing field with opportunities to excel (not just for the Elite). So, whoever becomes the governor should remember that. Don’t wait till you are Governor , start affecting Lagosian in your own little ministerial way. http://facebook.com/zahmadcrafts


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