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Investigate Amnesty International’s Chief Over Links With Fundamentalists Says Rights Group

by on April 22, 2016

The Centre for  Social Justice, Equity and Transparency (CESJET) has called on security agencies to investigate the Country Director of Amnesty International, Mohammed .K. Ibrahim, the Kano State- born, but Zaria educated  erstwhile career diplomat who was an official of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and a diplomat in Libya to determine if he has affiliations to Islamic fundamentalism.

The group said the investigation becomes  necessary following deliberate reports concocted by the Nigerian office of Amnesty International under Ibrahim aimed at inciting sectarian crisis which could snowball into a full blown conflict.

Addressing journalists in Abuja, CESJET Executive Secretary, Ikpa Isaac the AI has always taken harsh stands against the Nigerian state, while appearing to support fundamentalist group like Boko Haram and now the Shiite group.

According to Isaac, the Amnesty International’s recent report titled, “Unearthing the Truth: Unlawful Killings and Mass Cover-Up in Zaria” is another futile attempt to divert attention from the many atrocities of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) which Amnesty International has fruitlessly attempted to defend in the past.

He described the report as a deliberate and concerted effort by Amnesty International to portray Nigeria in bad light, adding that anyone that has been following public discourse on the Zaria incident will see that some lines in the report were taken straight out of the articles that IMN sympathisers had written to hijack the narrative of what the real problem is.

“Despite its criminal intent, one must acknowledge that Amnesty International unwittingly mentioned a fact here. The people holed up with the extremists inside the compound got repeated entreaties from the Army to come out but they refused. This speaks volumes; it depicts the mentality of those who have been brainwashed to the point of hearkening to their manipulators while disregarding state institutions.

“Note that the compound has its own medical facility, which AI played smart to describe as makeshift. Why should an individual have a medical facility and a “mortuary”? What else lies inside that compound: a guards’ station, detention cell, an armoury? The self-contained nature of this compound should raise questions for the discerning mind since this is a sect that has disavowed the Nigerian state and runs a parallel government with cells scattered nationwide.”

He also questioned the roles that Amnesty International played in destabilizing Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and a host of other nations, adding that the group used this same strategy of masquerading as human rights NGO to highlight sectarian, ethnic and other differences that the people were originally unaware of to an extent of sparking crises that consumed these countries.

He said, “it is repeating this strategy of pitching Shia against Sunni and people of other faiths without bothering to place the disclaimer that IMN is an aberration that is working for foreign influence to terrorise Nigeria. We do not expect AI to make such disclosure since it fits snuggly into its agenda.

“Amnesty International might have proven itself to be a carrion bird and its officials buzzards and vultures that thrive only when there are deaths but Nigerians must rise up as one to reject these war mongers pretending to be saints.”

“We will not allow Amnesty International to make Nigeria its latest stop for the deaths it successfully plied in Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and the former Yugoslavia, where it persistently called for humanitarian intervention that has now been proven to be the code word for invasions.”

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  • emeka okpara
    April 22, 2016 at 11:46 am

    Money & senselesness has made u dabble into what does not concern u&u least understand. But uv not bordered to coment on real issues that has already broken nig #fulaniherdsmen killing #felownigerians,d tyrany&brutality of d present govmt,etc. B warned, for evil&lies do not last 4ever but truth. What comes from d side of d mouth goes to d side of d mouth.


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