Iran Bans Importation Of COVID-19 Vaccines From The UK, US

by on January 8, 2021

By Onwuka Gerald

Iran’s Supreme Leader has banned the procurement of COVID-19 vaccines developed by the United States (US) and United Kingdom companies (UK).

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in a speech that was televised on Friday, said, “The import of American and British COVID-19 vaccines to the country is hereby banned!

Leader Khamenei stressed that, “If their Pfizer vaccine makers can produce a vaccine, then why do they want to give it to us? “They should use it upon themselves so they don’t experience so many problems, same with the UK”.

According to him, “Vaccine Importation from the the US or the UK is prohibited. They cannot be trusted and there is everything tendency that they would want to contaminate other nations. Given our experience with France’s HIV-tainted blood supplies, French vaccines aren’t trustworthy either,” he continued.

Khamenei has been a strong critic of the U.S., in which President Donald Trump left the 2015 nuclear deal that offered Iran a path towards economic recovery and reimposed sweeping sanctions. Iranian officials have said the penalties hindered the country’s response to the pandemic.

Khamenei further accused western drug companies of testing vaccines on other countries to see if they work or not.

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