Is ecoPayz Safe for Online Gambling in NZ?

EcoPayz is a prepaid payment solution that is gaining huge popularity among gamblers from around the globe, especially in New Zealand. It is no wonder – everyone is seeking safety and anonymity. And this is something that ecoPayz offers. But what is special about this online banking solution, and what you can count on when making deposits and withdrawals with ecoPayz?

The Basics

EcoPayz is the new name for Ecocard, a company that was founded in 2000 and rebranded in 2013. There is still some confusion because numerous online casinos continue to use the Ecocard emblem on their websites, thus, causing a lot of questions among gamblers. Whatever branding you see in NZ casinos that accept ecoPayz, you can be confident that this is a trustworthy method of making online casino payments, including real money deposits. Let’s take a look at the major advantages of ecoPayz.


With an ecoPayz account, you may make both online and in-person payments. You can choose from a card-based virtual wallet as well as the ecoCard debit card, which is another deposit method for funding your online gaming account. The solution is highly flexible and scalable. You are not limited at all.


What is more, ecoPayz is accepted as a payment method by the majority of the largest online gambling firms. Many gamblers from New Zealand already use ecoPayz since it is a more private and secure choice. Also, because deposits are processed promptly, ecoPayz is one of the quickest methods to obtain a welcome bonus. 

EcoPayz in Online Casinos: How Does It Work?

If a gambler already has an ecoPayz account, one may simply browse to the payments area of their preferred online casino and pick ecoPayz as a deposit method. Once done, one will be requested to provide the details associated with the ecoPayz account. You will need to spend no more than 5 minutes to submit the data and the money will land in your account almost immediately. 


Those who do not have an account can quickly register it on the official website of the company. The procedure is straightforward, although there are various security checks. When you activate your account, you will be asked to choose a product. To obtain the prepaid debit card and virtual card, you will need to give more information. Finally, fund your online casino account and start playing your favorite online pokies, poker, or card games. It is as easy as that. 

EcoPayz Benefits at Online Casinos in New Zealand 

This banking solution is specifically meant to make the lives of online pokies and other casino game players easier, so why not take advantage of it? Let’s dive deep into the core benefits and drawbacks of utilizing ecoPayz services:


  • Low transaction fees – you will not need to cover sky-high commissions;
  • The virtual card, in particular, is extremely secure – the company has implemented icon-clad security on their end, so you shouldn’t worry that your sensitive intimation is stolen or hacked;
  • It is simple to stay within your budget – the solution is highly adjustable. You can set your daily/ weekly/ monthly limits in order not to run out of your budget;
  • Mobile device registration is simple – you do not need to have access to your PC in order to create an ecoPayz account. You can easily register using your smartphone. What is more, they have a mobile app;
  • Instant international money transfers – transactions are processed fast with the ecoPayz solution. However, this doesn’t mean that they treat financial operations carelessly. Each transaction is thoroughly checked and verified;
  • Data safety – It is not essential to reveal any sensitive information. Besides that, there is no direct link to a personal bank account.


On top of that, with ecoPayz, various currencies are accepted. So, you are free to choose from multiple options. Registered users receive exclusive specials and discounts. In case you have any questions, 24/7 customer service is at your disposal.

Is It Safe to Use EcoPayz to Make a Deposit at an Online Casino?

People choose ecoPayz because it is a secure method of making online transactions. The solution offers unique features that can help you speed up your online payment procedure. The PSI-Play corporation works with the Master Card network, which can perform over 1,700 transactions per second. As a consequence, when you press the deposit or recovery button in your casino, you get immediate results.


As you make withdrawals or deposits from your account, neither online retailers nor online gambling houses have access to your personal information. This precaution allows you to benefit from excellent online identity protection. The thing is that top-level security is ensured by the thorough encryption of the MasterCard Network. The system is impregnable to hackers or cybercriminals due to its superior encryption technology. As a result, your transactional data and information are secure and can never be accessed from the outside.

Wrapping up!

ecoPayz is a secure and simple financial solution that provides gamblers with an e-wallet for online shopping and gaming. This payment method is extensively accepted by New Zealand casinos. Thus, we strongly recommend it to NZ players looking for a safe and quick way to fund their online casino accounts and receive bonuses. Overall, ecoPayz is a fantastic financial solution for funding your online casino games. So, sign up immediately and say goodbye to hours of waiting for your deposit to be verified!


Ethan Harris

Ethan Harris puts his heart into casino reviews. Why? Because a jackpot hit at a casino helped him clear his debt and get rid of debt collectors. So he knows what a good online casino can mean to punters. He might not have a specialized degree in casino reviewing, but his experience speaks volumes.

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