Is It Good To Use Caffeine With Kratom?

Today’s fast-paced life can keep one on their toes all the time. The corporate sector is adopting revolution and wants the workforce to adapt. It has also created a competitive environment as not being able to keep up with the updates may cost one their job. Though most individuals today are not involved in physical labor, mental work is equally crucial. So, one must be full of energy almost all the time to keep up with all the brainstorming and learning that goes around continuously in the office space.

Having coffee before you leave for the office always gives the perfect morning kick one needs. But by afternoon, the fatigue starts settling in again. It gets challenging to fight the lethargy, and some eventually give in and take a nap. Though an afternoon nap is good for refreshment, it may interrupt sleep. So, these days you may need something more than caffeine to boost your energy at work.

Though organic products do not have much of a reputation for being a quick fix, there’s one compound that is more potent than others and so may come in handy. Kratom is an organic compound whose extract is more powerful than others in the market. As a result, manufacturers are combining it with other organic substances to create products that may give you that instant energy boost.

So, what will happen if you mix caffeine and Premium Red Sumatra Kratom, which is available online? Will it create a product with incredible qualities, or will it lead to severe consequences? Let’s find out.

Do Kratom And Caffeine Have The Same Components?

The organic compound and caffeine are related as they originate in the same botanical family, Rubiaceae. It is the most prominent angiosperm family and consists of species like Mitragyna Speciosa (where Kratom originates from) and Coffea (where coffee comes from).

However, the point of origin is the only similarity between the organic compound and coffee. Though they belong to the same botanical family, they have several differences. Let’s check them out.

Difference Between Kratom And Coffee

Kratom and coffee have distinct differences; every user should learn them to avoid severe consequences. First, the alkaloids present in both plants are different. Alkaloids are primarily responsible for simulating effects. For example, the leaves contain alkaloids like Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy Mitragynine. At the same time, the coffee plant has caffeine.

Second, the Kratom leaves come in handy in creating organic products. One can either chew them directly or can create an extract to mix it into products like Kratom liquids, powders, tinctures, edibles, etc. You can also brew it to use as tea.

However, individuals typically brew and roast coffee to support several taste profiles. Kratom and coffee have some significant differences. So, will it be ideal to mix them?

Effects Of Mixing Kratom And Coffee

It’s widely recognized that coffee can enhance energy levels. However, it needs to be discovered that low doses of Kratom can also have a stimulating effect. Combining coffee with Kratom can create a distinct product. Given Kratom’s higher potency, its impact might be felt more quickly, whereas coffee provides a more sustained energy release.

For those unfamiliar with Kratom, it’s advisable to begin with a small amount. A starting dose of 1 gram is recommended for newcomers. Opting for Kratom Go Packs can ensure precise dosing. It’s also recommended not to use Kratom daily. Instead, gradually acclimate to the product to build up a tolerance.

Adverse Effects Of Mixing Kratom And Coffee

Though organic compounds like Kratom are relatively safe, we cannot deny that they may give rise to side effects. Kratom usually may come in handy to help with stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. But if the product doesn’t suit you, it may lead to an upset stomach, lethargy, or constipation. If one consumes Kratom unsupervised, it may intensify the user’s depression, anxiety, insomnia, and even raise a feeling of discomfort.

How To Mix Kratom And Coffee?

Mixing coffee and Kratom is not an easy job. The method and the dosage should be accurate to get a good experience and associated benefits.

As it is an organic substance, it has a bitter taste. So, adding it directly to coffee may make it taste bitter. However, if you start drinking it regularly, the taste will grow on you.

To get the most out of the blend, the ideal way to create the mixture is by adding the organic compound and coffee to boiling water at a temperature between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. The process will scald the coffee and break the alkaloids in Kratom and coffee.

Some other ways to mix Kratom and coffee are:

  • Mixing it in brewed coffee
  • Mixing the compound tea with coffee
  • Combining the powder of the compound with coffee beans and then brewing the mixture
  • Drink Kratom followed by coffee

Which Kratom Strains Are Ideal For Mixing With Coffee?

Kratom has several strains, and each has different properties. So, let’s check out which one is ideal for mixing with coffee.

  • White Borneo often complements coffee and may enhance its effects. Kratom users often use it to begin their day as it may help increase focus and alertness.
  • White Kali is the mildest strain of all and is ideal for beginners.
  • White Thai is the most stimulating strain, and advanced users may benefit from it.
  • White Indo also works well with coffee and may provide a mild boost in energy.
  • Green Indo blend with coffee may provide long-lasting effects.
  • Red Sumatra Kratom has energizing properties, whereas Green Kali works the same as Green Indo but with more potency.

Final Words

Including organic products in one’s regular diet is suitable for both the human being and the environment. However, one must be very careful before one embarks on the journey. Surveys have shown that organic products infused with the organic compound do not usually cause side effects or lead to fatal consequences.

But one should keep in mind that research on the compound is ongoing, and scientists are yet to explore all of its properties. Therefore, you should consult an expert before consuming the product.

One should also never decide on the dosage on their own. The recommended dose for Kratom users is 1 to 3 grams of the product. Even 3 grams of the compound is a lot. One should also test if they are allergic to the product. Consuming Kratom cookies and coffee together is ideal for people who lead a physically active lifestyle. It may also serve as a quick drink before you step out for the gym.

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