by on April 3, 2016
With the massive deficiency in the general facets that consist of human life in Nigeria, one will not be wrong to conclude that we have gradually glided to the point where every question lacks the merit of standard to withstand the curiosity and anxiety of expectations let alone venturing or producing answer to same.
Nigeria has never had it so bad and if truth is to be told, the monumental deceit and high level of acrimony that has bedeviled the entire sphere of the country’s image is nothing short of a journey without road map.
An idea that was never convoked or  nursed to sooth the pain of the populace certainly, won’t generate any template of good leadership over night. This is what the 97% retrogressive renegades didn’t asked before they sold their consciousness to the sissiness.
Ten months gone. We are yet to record any tangible achievement order than media hype, deceit, threats to any bold and outspoken person that stands against the ills of the government,  fighting corruption on news papers and  media, junketting round the world with tax payers monies and consistent deceptive analysis of unanimity of the Nigeria and why they should be disintegrated.
 Every steps taken by this controversial administration seems to have exposed the suspicion of Nigerians that after all, they lack the vision and direction to pilot the dwindling economy of the country to a safe haven. Nigerians are no longer fooled by their constant deluded delusion of grandeur as even the blind beggars  on the streets has reliazed how fast their  destinies  has been grounded by jokers and delinquents who parade themselves as leaders.
It is so disheartening that, we have arrived at a pitiable juncture where failure is associated with our broken image. We have broken records in the most laughable denationalization manner, hence, our fate has taken a flight into the dark imagination of the unknown.
 Tales of woes has alloted to its most bizarre spectators as the continual decapitation of our effort that was once cherished and upheld by the past administration has taken a noise dive into the sanctuary of insensitive leader.
Unemployment is no longer a focus or curse for worry, hunger, inflation, homelessness and deprivation of average want of amenity has become an unattainable phenomenon because we now have a leader whose only concentration and commitment is to the outside world and who feels he doesn’t owe Nigerians any explanation.
Fuel crisis has gained a full Circle of scarcity because We have a monster in the image of minister of petroleum who has suddenly become dumb because he has no regard of respect for those that foot al his bills and that of his family, hence, they don’t deserved to be elucidated to anything. Nigerians are tired and confused, they deserve more from what they are getting with their own struggle. Nigerians are sick and frustrated, not even one from many is happy with the dire situation administration has placed them. Fix Nigeria or do the needful, that’s how an honorable man deserve to live.
Nigerians are not cowards, the 97% as affirmed by the President, whom he said  deserves his attention are the only cowards and many are taking departure from that scam  treacherous tie which has been found to be garmented with hunger and starvation.
Is the presidemt thinking? There is a limit to elasticity. If the president has refused to think, let his sycophants and charlatans think for him because the light is going dim by the second.
Prince Chux Davix

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