It Is Stupid To Compare Nigeria’s Fuel Price With That Of Other Countries- Kperogi

by on September 8, 2020

Newspaper columnist and Associate Professor of Journalism, Farooq Kperogi has said there is no basis for the comparison of Nigeria’s petrol Price to that of other countries as Nigeria has one of the lowest minimum wage.

He added that with the advantage of being an oil producing state, it’s citizen has the right to enjoy cheaper petrol price.

Kperogi who was reacting to supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari, who claimed that the price of petrol in the country was fair and by far the least compared to that of other countries, hence validating the recent increase in the pump price of the product.

According to him, Buhari’s supporters in trying to justify his latest callous hike in the price of petrol amid a pandemic, increasingly sound like “noisome idiots straining hard to be low-grade morons”.

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He highlighted four reasons why the government had no basis for such comparison.

He said, firtsly, “Nigeria is the undisputed poverty capital of the world, thanks entirely to Buhari’s inept “leadership.” That means, on average, most countries on earth have a higher standard of living than Nigeria.

“With a $77 per month minimum wage, Nigeria has one of the lowest minimum wages in the world. In other words, everyday Nigerians are worse off than most people in the world and don’t have the same economic vitality as citizens of other countries.

“Secondly, Nigeria is an oil-producing country. It’s unreasonable to deny Nigerians the expectation of cheaper prices for petrol. It’s like asking people to hold cream on their hands while their faces and bodies are dry. That’s cruelty.

“Most Nigerians would be at peace with high petrol prices if their country doesn’t produce oil. A wealthy parent who starves his children and justifies his cruelty by pointing to the starvation of the children of his poor neighbors is an irresponsible parent who doesn’t deserve his children.

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“Buhari and his gang of buccaneers are irresponsible to invoke the petrol prices in neighboring African countries (that are not oil producers) as a justification for increasing domestic petrol prices.

“Thirdly oil is the engine of the Nigerian economy in ways it isn’t elsewhere. When the price of petrol goes up in Nigeria, everything else goes up except, of course, the already measly salaries of everyday people.

“This is not the case in many countries. In the US, Benin Republic, even Saudi Arabia, etc., fluctuations in d price of petrol doesn’t automatically activate across-the-board inflation.

“So you can’t just arbitrarily jack up petrol prices and ignore its other unsettling effects on other facets of the Nigerian society.

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“Fourthly, a way bigger waste than the “waste” of petrol “subsidy” that people aren’t talking about is the extortionate amounts Nigeria expends to subsidize the obscene opulence of its political elite, from the president down to a ward councilor.

“If the subsidies that finance the luxuries of d political class (such as billions budgeted to buy new cars in the presidency every year) are directed towards everyday Nigerians, Nigeria can afford way cheaper petrol than it currently does.

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