Jihadists’ Ambush Soldiers In Mozambique’s North, Kills 25

by on December 5, 2020

By Onwuka Gerald

Islamist militants in Mozambique after laying an ambush attack on the military, killed two dozen soldiers.

The incident was confirmed by two military sources who pleaded to remain anonymous.

One of the senior military official told AFP on Thursday in the capital Maputo, that the terrorists allowed the military cars to gain entrance deep into the forest before opening fire with heavy weapons that brought heavy casualties on their part”.

According to him, “25 of our men were killed and dozens more injured, adding that the terrorists retreated receded back into the forest after the attack”.

The second military official after confirming the ambush on Friday, said that kind of attacks and casualties recorded is becoming one too many.

“I still cannot fathom completely how terrorists always have at their disposal, accurate information about government forces whereabouts”.

“This kind of attacks like, affect to great extent the morale of the troops,” he continued.

Since 2015, a jihadist group has continued to wreak havoc in the northern Cabo Delgado, targeting villages and towns in attempt to set up an islamist caliphate.

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